DIARY No. 103

Back with another two weeks’ worth of photos from my camera roll.

I took advantage of a high energy day (a rarity for me at the moment between first trimester and the summer heat) and took Jack out on a very long walk. We had so much fun looking for all the pretty flowers!

I went into the city for an event at one of the Maman locations. It’s one of my favorite cafes in the city, so I was excited to see it as the venue.

I have not been able to drink hot coffee. It’s depressing me. I miss it. I can sometimes drink iced coffee. When the mood strikes I go for it immediately because the moment can pass quickly… Sometimes I want plain iced coffee, but usually I need something light and sweet so it’s not too coffee-y. It’s a delicate balance, ha.

Then we headed up to Mike’s family’s lake house for a week. Jack had the best time with his cousins!

I got some one-on-one time with the girls, too. Beads, Play Doh, and Barbie puzzles galore.

It was a little cooler while we were upstate (it was glorious!) and also some rainy days. Grandmom brought out the old games like Twister and it was hysterical watching the kids play.

I was craving candy. Really wanted some and took a nap and then I woke up needing some. I went to the little general store by their house. I was inspired to get Nerds, which I haven’t had in years. Let me tell you, Nerds are even better than I remember.

Jack and I had a mama/son date at the farm. I have been before, but it was even better as a mom! Jack was the perfect age for enjoying nearly every activity. He lived it up big time and maybe we have a future farmer on our hands!

Everyone celebrated Jack’s birthday a little early. We’ve been practicing singing “Happy Birthday” and he blew out the candle on his ice cream perfectly.

His aunt, uncle, and cousins got him a lawnmower aka non-mower and Jack couldn’t be more obsessed.

On our drive back home, I realized I didn’t have any special treats for Jack’s class for his birthday. I felt like a horrible mom….. Thank goodness for Target’s curbside pickup. I placed an order while driving and went and picked it up after Jack went down for bed. I whipped up some stickers on Canva and printed them on labels… and bam! A fun little treat.

I have been loving working in my office. I was so excited to get home so I could get to my office and dive into multiple deadlines. How great is this mirror?! Currently under $100!

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