ON MY RADAR 8.11.23

OMG. I do not know how I’m functioning right now. I feel woefully behind on everything. Behind on chores. Behind on work. Behind on everything. I’m relieved my pregnancy is no longer a secret (!!!!) because I’m excited but also because I definitely have a bump and it was so hard to share things… I also just feel like I’m drowning from the summer travel. I’m ready to not go anywhere or do anything besides our normal routine. I’m craving it!!!!

Here’s what’s been on my radar:

ONE // *NEW* Blue and White LAKE Pajamas

Dear lord just when I tell myself I absolutely must not get another pair of pajamas, LAKE entices me yet again. This time with all new blue and white prints. I can’t resist! I’m thinking about getting one of the nightgowns and I also love the more classic LAKE style that they’re known for too. 

TWO // Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Barbie… The Spending Power of Women

I have been blown away by all the record breaking (shattering?!) women in entertainment are doing this summer. And we have the economic evidence to back it up!! People are talking about what a weekend of Taylor Swift concerts is doing for local economies and everyone is taking note about Greta Gerwig’s box office success! I love to see it.

THREE // Minnow Swim Sale, Up to 50% Off

Just in time for your last summer hurrahs, Minnow Swim is having one of their rare sales. This is the perfect time to stock up or try the brand. I pretty much exclusively outfit Jack in Minnow swim trunks during the summer– they’re so cute and we can have lots of matching moments with our cousins!

FOUR // Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tart Shortbread

I’m ashamed to admit how frequently I used to eat brown sugar Pop Tarts (🙈)– I love them! This shortbread is inspired by the famous Pop Tart flavor and my mouth is watering just looking at the photos and reading the recipe. And if you’re more of a strawberry sprinkle Pop Tart girl, she has a similar recipe for that too!

FIVE // GAP’s New Arrivals

So into GAP’s new arrivals right now. They seem to strike the perfect balance of late summer with a nod to fall fashion. This tiered mini shirtdress is darling (and looks like it’ll work with a second trimester bump)! Will definitely be giving it a try.

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