DIARY No. 106

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks, according to my camera roll!

Jack has been so excited for soccer and the first day was, literally, a wash! I swear the weather didn’t call for rain until later in the day. When I got in the car, it said “possible drizzle.” I didn’t even bring a raincoat or an umbrella. And then as we were driving…. the drizzle turned to rain and then the rain turned into a downpour! Soaked and canceled within five minutes of the lesson started. Whoops!

I cannot stop with this pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks. It’s been my go-to afternoon treat when I need a little pick me up.

Jack’s first day of preschool was a success!!! He loved it and I’m so happy for him. I think wearing his “pack pack” is his favorite part.

Keeping it real here. It was so hot for a few days and I burnt myself out. I have to be so careful with my blood pressure and it’s extra hard while pregnant and with a toddler and in this heat! Gatorade + Doritos is my go-to combo. IYKYK haha!

Shared two books Jack and I are both thoroughly enjoying. Farmhouse and Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackhall are SO GOOD. The illustrations and the writing it amazing. Jack has started to move up from board books, and I love it when we both love a book. These are WINNERS.

TRUST ME, you need to make this chicken and orzo one pan dish. It is delicious. It may just be one of the best meals I’ve ever made???? It also is incredibly easy and just bakes in one dish. Perfect for cozy weeknights!

This was snapped while I waited in line to order coffee… I set Jack up on the couch with some little toys and a book and, omg, my heart just about burst out of my chest.

Anyone a sucker for the seasonal displays at Trader Joe’s?! I had to get this autumn sauce and pumpkin (!!!!) shaped pasta! Can’t wait to make it….

We popped into a local bookstore after preschool one day. How cute is this little children’s section. The store is Nature of Reading if you’re local!

Jack and I went apple picking one afternoon…. Jack loved playing in the pumpkin patch and munching on apples, and I loved the apple cider doughnuts. (Always.) I only bought one so I wouldn’t be tempted!

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Roslynn Mitchell

Aww… “pack-pack” is adorable. I love seeing little ones with books. Thanks for the pics of Jack that always make me smile.


Love Nature of Reading! It is right around the corner from a great cheese shop.

The L.L. Bean backpack gave me flashbacks to my youth – I think my mom got them for me and my sister when we were 10 and 11…they lasted well through college! Those things are built like tanks.

Enjoy the upcoming fall weather, thanks for sharing these sweet pictures =)


That is the MOST adorable photo of first day of preschool. Thanks for the recipe idea! Love anything I can pop in the oven.


I was influenced to try the one-dish chicken orzo recipe and loved it! It’s going in the rotation for sure—thanks for the idea!