ON MY RADAR 9.22.23

We have a rainy weekend coming up… not totally sure what that’s going to mean for our weekend plans, so everything is up in the air! I’d love a cozy weekend at home, but that’s not really a possibility with a two year old! I am guessing we will have to pull out all the stops with indoor activities!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Chessy & Meredith from The Parent Trap

Elaine Hendrix and Lisa Ann Walter, who play Meredith and Chessy in The Parent Trap respectively, find out a fun little connection through This is clearly one of the best advertisements and they’re not even related, haha, but I thought the little tie was so interesting still!

TWO // Janie and Jack Sale

It’s been so fun dressing Jack now that he’s turning into quite the cute toddler. He’s definitely not a baby anymore and dressing him like a little man is the best. (My rule of thumb is to try to find miniature versions of the things Mike likes to wear!) And honestly, Jack has fun with it too. Janie and Jack is having an early sale for Insiders (super easy to sign up– once you’re logged in, the sale applies!). Just use code EARLY at checkout. This is such a good time to shop, too, because the holiday items and fall items are included so you can do a little shopping for now and later.

THREE // Inside Emma Watson’s Prada Backpack

Love Emma Watson and this video of what’s in her bag is amazing. It truly shows such a cute side of her and feels actually authentic. I loved watching and hearing what she keeps in her bag, especially for all of her travel days!

FOUR // The Care and Keeping of You Turns 25!

An iconic book for learning about puberty. I must have gotten the book right around it’s release… my best friend and I were obsessed and would read it cover to cover. (Those illustrations are actually burned into my memory forever.) NPR did a little feature featuring the author to celebrate the book’s birthday.

FIVE // Pearl and the Beast

Umm… I want to go here ASAP! It’s a jewelry store in NYC where you can harvest your own pearls and make custom jewelry. This creator called it a “Build a Bear for Adults” and I’m so here for it. Would be such a fun activity with girlfriends if you’re local, or visiting!

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First, I LOVED the “What’s in your bag” with Emma Watson. She’s a delight! Also, the pearl harvesting jewelry store — I so hope this is a trend! I remember a present my mom gave me when I was a kid – It was a sealed container with an oyster inside where you had to “harvest” your own pearl; it came with a necklace that had a little heart-shaped open locket that you displayed the pearl in — I loved it! This is like the grown-up version!