DIARY No. 107

Here’s what we’ve been up to the past two weeks according to my camera roll….

We have made numerous trips to the Farm at Green Village for pumpkins and mums. It’s such a good kid-friendly outing too. Jack was cracking up that the skeleton was “taking a bath.” This is my favorite spot for picking up all seasonal decor. Highly recommend the trip if you’re local!!

I got the new iPhone and finally set it up! I will say, this set up process was a bit of a nightmare and I was running into glitch after glitch. A few hours and a long chat support later and everything was up and running. Phew.

I’ve been craving all the cozy and warm foods. Even when it’s pretty warm out still, it’s like all I want! Is there a more classic fall combo than tomato soup and a grilled cheese?!

Sunday Motor had a fun pop up recently with Bucky’s. The pizzas were so good. It’s a mobile pizzeria with popups and they do private events too. (The weekend before they did an after party of a wedding– so fun!) We were supposed to have a pizza picnic with our friends, but between the weather and some illnesses, we had to postpone. But still ate the pizza. Every pie was delicious, but the hot honey was hands down my favorite!!!

We went to a birthday party where they had Scoops ice cream truck (really the cutest converted VW van!!!) instead of a birthday cake. 1) What a CUTE idea and 2) I got the Apple Pie ice cream with a caramel drizzle on top. This might have been my favorite ice cream experience… ever. Literally so good. Can’t wait to get more.

Woo hoo! Jack finally had an actual soccer lesson!!! It was insanely muddy, but it totally added to the fun for all the kids! It was one of the cutest things to watch.

Madison got a new hot dog stand! What a great addition to our town. Madison had had a hot dog stand for years (decades?), but it ended during Covid. I think this is such a fun touch and makes grabbing a quick lunch or snack even easier. We went the first day they opened and we will be back, for sure. (Also I heard they’re doing waffles and hot cocoa in winter! Already can’t wait.)

Alllllll the coffee stops for me.

I made the mistake of picking Jack up from preschool without a stroller. Sometimes I like to just follow his lead to spend more time outside and give him some freedom. He’s a smart boy though and walked to a local bakery. He was oohing and ahhing over all the cookies, so much so that the woman ahead of us in line bought him one of the biggest cookies they had. (I normally let him pick out one of the tiny ones, haha!) Anyway, made my day and definitely made his– will be paying it forward!

See, another trip to the nursery! We have our mums though!!

Hammy Bones. He is like a Velcro pup most days!

I chaperoned Jack’s first field trip and it was a great morning! It was extremely hot though and one of the moms told me they had apple cider slushies inside…. omg. Where has this been all my life?!!

I picked this up on a whim and I’m obsessed. It definitely gives “grown up Juicy Tube.” I got the “cherry” but think I’ll try one or two more, too.

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Those Summer Friday lip glosses are amazing. I reach for the Brown Sugar over and over again. It’s just the right amount of color. The vanilla beige is also great!