DIARY No. 109

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past two weeks according to my iPhone’s camera roll…

Our town’s fall festival was supposed to take place in early October but was rescheduled. The weather looked iffy, but it cleared up by the afternoon and we had a great time! It’s one of the best days to live in Madison, NJ!! I took a gamble and didn’t bring a stroller… Jack walked around everywhere. We got ice cream and balloons and Italian sausages. It was just a fun afternoon.

Make. These. Pumpkin. Cinnamon. Rolls. I love listening to Jaci and Chelsey’s podcast and they’ve been talking about wanting to make homemade cinnamon rolls. They totally planted the seed for me and a couple of weeks later, I had all the ingredients in my kitchen and I was proofing and double proofing. It was a lot of effort, though it was easier than I expected. And well, well worth it! There is something so satisfying and so delicious when you make them from scratch!!

We had a very rainy day recently (well frankly many rainy days), but on this particular day, we put on a movie and all got cozy on the couch. I even squeezed some needlepoint in, complete with toddler toes.

Lovevery strikes again!!! Jack tends to like everything they send, but in every box there is one or two toys that he ends up loving in particular. This color sorter thing has been a HUGE hit. (Also is there anything cuter than a toddler saying “lellow” and “orange”?)

So. Much. Rain. Luckily this kid doesn’t care one bit and will happily play in his favorite puddle.

I drove into the city last week and gave myself ample time in case there was traffic. I ended up getting in in record time and got to sit down for a bite to eat. I love sitting down at a bar and having a solo meal– I only wish I had brought my kindle! I popped into Corner Bar and had the ultimate girl dinner: Caesar salad, French fries, and a Diet Coke! Let me tell you…. these fries were some of the best I’ve ever had. EVER. 10/10 delicious.

The event was for the Toniebox and I was so impressed! I wanted to meet the team and check out the product– Jack is getting to be the perfect age. I have to say…. He LOVES it. I couldn’t believe how quickly he figured it out and now I think he’s going to get a bunch of Tonies for Christmas 😉

Yearly Co sent me a few of their bangles! They’re so special and I love the story behind the brand. (The founder’s dad would gift his wife a gold bangle for every year they were married!) They gave me a special code for you guys too: CARLY50 for $50 off of $300+!

It was too hot at the Halloween parade for Jack’s Halloween costume, so we opted for a firefighter costume from his dress up collection instead. (Plus I was worried he would get his real costume messy– and I didn’t know how that faux fur would wash!) As you can see, he also commandeered a few costume pieces from friends: a microphone and a dinosaur head, haha!

I treated myself to a little staycation this week. I had an event on Wednesday night and another on Thursday morning– I didn’t want to have to schlepp back and forth. I stayed at Fouquet’s which is definitely my favorite hotel in NYC. It’s worth the splurge, trust me! Perfect for a girls’ trip (or solo treat).

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how perfect our Halloween was! Cozy weather, lots of candy, the cutest costume.

Sam hosted an event for Bond and Grace’s new Frankenstein book! It was a gorgeous venue and everyone got all dressed up. I can’t remember the last time I went to a party where everyone took the dress code (moody cocktail attire) seriously– it made it so much more fun! I wore this dress (it runs big– I sized down, even with my bump!).

Tuckernuck previewed their new tabletop collection. Absolutely LOVE seeing their brand translated into new product categories. Of course, they nailed it! It’s like dressing up your tables in their Tuckernuck best.

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Highly highly recommend Toniebox, it’s like giving your kids audiobooks they can play with! I love that there is no screen, and they keep coming out with “hot” characters, my 3 & 5 year olds are getting some more of the Paw Patrol gang this Christmas. It’s a must have.

Nancy Hoerner

I love Yearly Company. I have 2 bangles and just got a signet ring when I was in Nashville last week. Their shop is awesome if you are ever in Nashville.