DIARY No. 110

Here’s what I’ve been up the past two weeks according to my camera roll….

My sister came into town and helped me so much with this MacKenzie Childs campaign and, of course, we had a lot of fun with Mr. Jack.

Soooo much time at the park and biking and scootering around town.

We do a lot of restaurant practice. With a two year old, you never know what kind of performance you’re going to get. The key right now is to bring a bag of activities. I keep this pouch stocked in my car so we’re always prepared.

Jack’s soccer season is over sadly! He had the best time and it got me so excited for all kinds of activities in the future. I can’t wait to see what he gravitates towards. Soccer was the only “sport” I could find close to us that allowed two year olds, so soon we’ll have more options too. I was so proud of him for sticking it out through lots (and lots) of rain, lots (and LOTS) of mud, and kind of general chaos.

We’re in our train era big time!

Boston clogs + London Fogs era for me!

After finishing Mike’s stocking, it’s been a treat to stitch some of the small needlepoint projects that I have collected throughout the year. First up, I had to stitch this “Well Read” canvas (an exclusive for Beacon Hill Books & Cafe).

Hammy checking in on baby brother.

My current lunch hyper fixation: Chopt’s Harvest Blissful Bowl. I can’t get enough. Should I figure out how to make it home? Yes. Have I? No. It’s just so good. I truly could eat it every day.

I drove into the city to have lunch with Sam and preview Doen’s spring collection. Everything was beautiful! (My outfit!)

If you haven’t tried LMNT, I highly recommend!! Mike and I have one every day. Try the sample pack to find your favorites– we both love the Raspberry Salt.

My Instagram friend Tess generously sent me this scalloped quilt from her gorgeous collection because she thought it would look great in our living room. She was spot on; it’s perfect. Hamilton is particularly obsessed. I spot him on the quilt every afternoon taking a little snooze.

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