DIARY No. 114

Here’s what we’ve been up to according to my camera roll over the past two weeks….

Jack got a Duplo set from my parents for Christmas this year and it’s been really fun to get into LEGO with him. I wouldn’t say it’s something we’re capable of playing with for hours, but as far as a two year old attention span goes, this has been a win. I really loved LEGO as a kid and it’s been the best to get to play with them again alongside Jack. This is a great beginner kit!

We’ve had some proper winter weather lately and Mike and I are loving spending time in our living room by the fire. On a weekend, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of Jack’s naptime by driving through Starbucks for a drink (so excited that the pistachio latte is back!) and sitting by the fire with my Kindle!

Whoa, can you believe it’s time to start packing my hospital bag? I referred to my post from what I brought/used with Jack and then I used these packing cubes to get started.

The pups! We had a pretty intense health scare with Hamilton this month and it’s still ongoing and not 100% resolved. Very scary, but grateful that we’ve ruled out some of the more intense diagnoses. I’ve been so worried about him!! We’re starting to see his personality come back a little bit, so hoping he continues to improve.

We celebrated Mike’s birthday with a good ole fashioned chocolate cake! (Here’s the cake stand, btw!)

After over a year (!!!!), our bathtub is finally fully operational. Phew! And it couldn’t come at a better time. I’ve been craving baths lately because my body is so sore. It feels so good to sit and soak and relax.

Speaking of my body. I am slowly starting to work out again. I wasn’t really able to do much due to various restrictions (and a bone spur in my foot 😩). It was affecting my mental health so much. Getting back in the saddle, even if it’s just a slow 30 minute walk, has done wonders for my body and mental health. I’m even looking forward to when I can really work out again after I get cleared postpartum!

We had a few friends over to celebrate a bunch of joint birthdays last weekend. I got the new Blue Moon alcoholic beer to “celebrate” with and it tasted pretty good! A fun drink without the alcohol. Recommend!!

For the celebration, I made our go-to brownie recipe. I’ve tried so many brownie recipes over the years and this is hands down our favorite and always a huge hit with guests.

A fun snow day with Jack! We did all the things, including pulling out this fun sled.

We have a birthday party for a one year old this weekend and I’m obsessed with this bow holder I got for her. (I found great packs of bows, too: butterfly bows, velvet bow clips,  and cloth bows.

I feel like alllllll the reading we do with Jack is paying off! He’s so into books and we have fun picking out what books to read every night. (And we always have to negotiate how many books we actually have time for, haha…) This night Jack wanted to read in Mama’s bed and read Mama’s book, which sounded an awful lot like The Snowy Day 😉

Speaking of which, we had such a pretty snow day yesterday! It felt like being in a movie set the snow was so pretty it looked fake!

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Omg have not met anyone else as excited about the pistachio latte as me! Everyone tells me this is an elderly Italian person thing. 😂 Life pro tip: the pistachio Monin syrup, which I think is what they use, is $10 online. I bought it and now every day is pistachio latte day.


Your birthday party with friends looks so lovely! I LOVE the skinny drink chiller in the middle of the table; any chance it’s an easy to share link?