Here’s what life has looked like the past two weeks according to my camera roll:

We had a fun sleepover with our nieces one weekend! So grateful to live near them– Jack had a sleepover at their house and then the next week we hosted the girls so they could have a date night. What could be better than burgers and fries followed by brownies with your best buds?! It was the best kind of happy chaos.

Jack’s hat, sweater, pants, boots

This child! Oh man does he have a zest for life. We walk to preschool and he gets so excited, “We’re walking! We’re not driving!” This particular morning he wanted to wear his ‘no boots (aka snow boots), hat, and sunglasses… and no coat. He basically danced the entire way to his classroom!

Sam and I went to lunch together in the city. I’m so glad we did. It will likely be my last big hurrah before baby. We went to Via Carota for lunch and it was delicious. I will be dreaming of this bread, butter, and anchovy situation….

And on the other end of the spectrum…. I don’t think I’ve had Taco Bell in a decade. Clearly I’m 489729 weeks pregnant because once I got it in my head that I wanted it, I needed it. I wish I could say I would go another ten years without it, but I will admit, I’ve thought about driving through every day since having it…

After some trial and error, I ended up settling on these headphones! I really couldn’t stomach the higher prices and these have been perfect so far!! Very happy with them and loving the “cappuccino” color. (My whole outfit is here.)

Mike and Jack went on a little adventure together this past weekend, so I took myself out for breakfast. When I think about the things I wish I had done more of before having kids, it really can be summed up as just appreciating alone time more. Even though I could have just stayed home and gotten some house tasks taken care of, I took advantage of the freedom of no dependents and went to our local bagel shop for breakfast with my Kindle! Glorious.

Of all the things I’m doing as a mom, I really think one of my number one goals (outside of general health and wellbeing of course) is to instill a love of reading in my kids! I am also trying to be super cognizant of spending one on one time with Jack, so I took him to the mall to go to Indigo to pick out a book. The plan was to pick out one book for himself and then pick out a book for baby brother…. but they were having a huge sale so I let him pick out a few extras! I’m going to have to do a round up of his favorite books right now because we’re finally getting to an age where reading together is paying off and it’s actually fun for me too 😉

The sweetest delivery of Sockerbit from a friend! We met in high school at a summer rowing camp and then ended up crossing paths again when I was in college because she rowed out of the same boathouse and we’ve stayed in touch through Facebook over the years. Now we’re both moms (our boys are very close in age!) and she send the Sockerbit as a surprise. So kind– thank you Lizzy!

I bought this jacket from Amazon on a whim just to see… it’s even cuter in person! It has a pretty generous fit and will be so cute for layering.

I was influenced by Nan to try this meal delivery service in the tri-state area. One week in and this has been SO AMAZING. Even though I’m trying to cook more, I’m really only making it a goal of once a week which leaves many meals unaccounted for. With a new baby coming any day, I had actually been looking into hiring a private chef to come and meal prep for us once a week (don’t judge me for this please lol), but couldn’t find a local chef that aligned with what we were looking for. This service looked exactly like what we needed and honestly it has been fantastic so far!!!!



No judgement here. Except for the anchovies lol. Eww. But you do you, as always!


I just had my second in September, and my oldest is just a few months older than jack!

My son and I go shopping together (his fav activity), we get coffee together, and will often bake together. They were like hour long activities which worked well with my youngest not liking a bottle. I was so worried about my relationship with my oldest, but we’ve come back as a family now and it’s so sweet to see how much he loves his baby sister! He is also her favorite person, she lights up every time she sees him! He even visits her room at daycare quite frequently. Thinking of you & your growing family this month!

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