Diary No. 17

You know what I love most about these posts? It forces me to reflect on all the fun and good over two weeks. When I’m doing this, I don’t even think about a project that stressed me out. Or that difficult phone call that I lost sleep over. Or a mistake that I made. I just focus on the good. Overall, it’s a nice practice to implement!!

West Village

I walked through the West Village this night. It looked so autumnal, but it was legitimately 95 degrees. I thought I was going to melt! I still snapped this beautiful brownstone with the turning leaves.


Aldi knows how to put together a grazing board! It gave me all kinds of ideas for hosting this holiday season at home. Maybe a grazing table across the island?!

Craft Night

CRAFT NIGHT!!! The three of us love spending time together and we could be doing everything or nothing and still have a great time. I was physically exhausted that night, borrowing sweatpants from Maddie and everything, and just sat in a chair to chit chat with them while they completed a few projects. Nothing better than a low key night.

Serena and Lily

While shooting for a Serena and Lily campaign, Ham decided enough work had been done and curled up for a mid-shoot snooze. He’s the snuggliest dog and I just love it.

Dog Bowls

Speaking of the dogs, Hamilton and Teddy were gifted these bowls from Indigo Home. I don’t think they care what they eat out of, but I love the way they look. When we moved, they also switched vets who recommended a new dog food. They LOVE this new food. I think it has to do with the shape of the kibble (it’s like a flat asterisk) and the “crunch” they get. They’re both kind of picky (Ham won’t eat treats and Teddy prefers to graze his food as he’s hungry throughout the day), but they both devour the food.

Del Coronado

Mike and I flew out to San Diego for his college roommate’s wedding. They got married outside of San Diego in Julian, CA, which was such a beautiful location. During the day, the town was like a destination for apple picking and all things Western. Very fun. Then on Sunday, we had a lot of time to kill before our red-eyes back east (I flew back to NJ and he flew to a work conference). It was so fun to explore a new-to-me city. I would definitely love to go back for a longer period of time. While the guys watched some football game, I made my way out to the Del Coronado Hotel. OMG. I want to come back to stay here!!!!! It is right on the beach, with all kinds of restaurants, pools, and villas. It was 90 degrees and packed. I took myself out to lunch overlooking the water! I would never have guessed that it was October– I wish I had packed a bathing suit.

Sur La Table I made plans to go to a cooking class with Meghan at Sur La Table in the city. We went to the “Cozy Fall Dinner” one and made roasted chicken, pommes Anna, and chocolate soufflé! I like the Sur La Table classes. They’re not that hands-on and you may pick up a few pointers here and there, but it’s mostly just a fun way to spend a couple of hours with someone. I loved everything we made and I totally want to make the pommes Anna at home. I found this recipe from Bon Appetit and it looks like such a fun thing to serve to guests.

Tennis Sunset

The tennis clinic I joined starts at 6:30, which means we get to play as the sun is setting. I almost get distracted by how pretty the sky is as the hour goes on.

Apples Melick's Farm

Meghan came out to Madison to pick apples and spend the night. (Having a legit guest room is the best!!!!) We made Ina Garten’s Old Fashioned Apple Crisp with our bounty. I think picking apples is fun, but picking them with a recipe in mind is even better. I still have a ton leftover so I’m trying to think of something fun to make this weekend with them.

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Omg Ina looks so young in that video!! Love her recipes and also love when Jennifer Garner does a “pretend cooking show” on her Facebook page pretending to be Ina, lol. I made Jenny Rosenstrach’s apple crisp last weekend so may have to try Ina’s this weekend 😉

Georgetown AF

** still wearing new blue cape **
Instead of my usual snarky comment, I am going to state the obvious. I am jealous of Carly and try to ruin her day everyday. And she is so positive and good, she just doesn’t care. I’m a loser at being a loser : (


Who’s the Gamecocks fan ( I’m referring to the craft night jean jacket)? I graduated from UofSC in May!



If you go back to San Diego, you should rent bikes on Coronado Island. It’s the cutest little island and biking is a really nice way to explore it.

Also, even though the Hotel del Coronado seems nice, I’ve stayed there and it’s just okay. I recommend the Grand Colonial in La Jolla. It’s so cute and the La Jolla waterfront is full of seals and sea lions!

Georgetown AF

As a woman, I am so sick of seeing other women who have low self-esteem and jealousy issues attack successful women. Usually, the poor victim of the attack cannot do or say anything in return. She has to take the high road and ignore it.
But what happens when the jealous woman doesn’t stop even after being ignored? Should the poor victim continue to be abused forever?
My apologies, Carly, if my return mocking has caused you any problems or discomfort. I feel like you are trapped by this person in a completely unfair fight.

Nicki Schiller

DUUUUUUVAL! I spied the Jean jacket and just LOVED spotting a 904 moment.

If you’re taking recommendations on what to use your apples for, what about Baked Stuffed Apples?


Surprised to read that your Serena and Lily posts were a campaign… I remember seeing it on Instagram and thinking it was a cute photo but it doesn’t say ad or sponsored at all.


Both blog posts note the partnership, as does both Instagrams with the hashtag. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t have something set up on their end so I can’t tag them as a “paid partner” with the official Instagram tools. I’ve asked for it though, but it’s on their end and I can’t tag them in the meantime.


Your S&L Instagram post only says you’re a partner. It does NOT disclose that it is an #ad. It’s all tee-hees until the FCC catches on.


I love that you got to explore a bit of California! Julian is the closest thing we Southern Californians have to an “authentic fall experience,” even though it’s still 85 degrees here and we’re in wildfire season.

Bailey Carver

So funny! I switched my dog Stanley over to Royal Canin about 6 months ago and he definitely is more into his food now. It was such a struggle to get him to eat before.