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After taking a red-eye on Sunday night, I was feeling a little off at the beginning of the week. I took a 30-minute nap right when I got home around 6 am and then just hit the ground running for the day. By 10 pm, I was so confused as to why I felt like I was walking through quicksand and then remembered that, you know, I slept on a plane! Luckily, it was a short trip to California, so I readjusted quicker than usual.

Mums Front Porch

My fried mums (whoops) and the pups! Taylor stayed at our house with the dogs over the weekend while we were out of town and had her family’s dog over too. Love the three little friends on the porch! Ham & Ted came home from the groomers with Halloween neckerchiefs, and I think they look extra cute in them, ha.

Okay, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Four Ways to Make a Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is one of my favorite things to make and eat, especially when it’s cooler outside. With the sun setting so early, too, it feels extra cozy to roast a chicken for dinner. The house always smells like a “home” while it’s cooking (and after!). Goop shared four different preparations for roast chicken– will be trying them myself.

TWO // Navy Cape

My friend Maddie has this cape, and she wears it a lot. Whenever she rolls up on her bike wearing the cape, she makes me want it even more than the last time I saw her wearing it. It looks so cute layered over anything striped and with chunky sweaters too.

THREE // How to Be Happier

I love reading Barking Up the Wrong Tree’s posts. They’re kind of long-form blog posts packed with research, but they’re totally readable and not too academic. This one has (research-backed) tips for how to be happier. Great nuggets of wisdom to implement into everyday life.

FOUR // Shane Dawson’s Latest Series

So I’ve been getting sucked into all of Shane’s series on his channel. This latest one follows him and Jeffree Star as they create a makeup line for Shane. Say you what you want about either of the two (they’re not perfect), but the series is super fascinating. In the second episode, they’re opening up about the behind the scenes about how the partnership will work (financially, creatively, etc.).

FIVE // How to Raise a Reader

This is an excellent round-up of tips for how to raise a reader. I obviously don’t have my own children yet, but I love reading and passing along that love to little ones. I’m lucky enough to have a handful of great kids in my life and love giving great age-appropriate books as gifts, and then reading with or talking about the book afterward is always so fun.

SIX // Discount graciously extended a discount code for CP readers. Get 20% off in-stock canvases with the code CARLY20 at checkout!! It expires on October 26 at midnight, so don’t wait! It could be a great time to pick up a project or two for the cozy, chilly months ahead.

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I love the How to Raise a Reader article. The popcorn reading party is such a fun idea. I am a teacher, and I know reading in school isn’t always fun for kids. Some of them love it already and some of them not as much, but I love celebrating books. I love the idea though of making it fun at home from a young age so there’s already that positive mindset about reading.

Georgetown AF

Teenage slang for “support.” I figured Carly would get it because she’s in a state of arrested development ie. YouTube stars, American girl dolls and odd Parent Trap obsession.


Roast chicken is a great staple! If you’re looking for a quicker way, the Binging with Babish “Moistmaker from Friends” episode has instructions in it about how to flatten a turkey to make it cook faster that’s super easy to apply to chicken too. I love it a lot because it doesn’t take hours to roast a chicken, so we can decide we want one whenever, instead of planning it out.

georgetown AF

This is hard for me to say. Carly, I am sorry. I have been jealous of you since college and now it has turned into obsession. I know that I need help. Please forgive me.

Georgetown AF (Blue Check)

@THATGIRL you know anyone can put in the same user night right? Actually, props to the person who wrote that. I totally lol’d.


Have you not heard? Correcting spelling mistakes is bullying.


Your obsession with anything to do with parenting is really sad considering you don’t have children (let’s not get into how creepy you are with your friends’ kids on social media). Truly, all references to your “future kids” are just pathetic. You might want to dial down the thirst.


Now, thats not constructive criticism. Thats really unkind. I dont follow her insta anymore but I still read her blog. Maybe she just likes kids, your words are very hurtful and I dont think anybody should be told this. You dont know whats happening behind the screen so you dont get to tell someone that they are obssessed with kids.

Bella / GAF / Reena / All mean comments

**typing away furiously while wearing a new blue cape **

You are right! I am so jealous of her that I will sink to any level! She is something I will never be, so I try to get attention by making negative comments. BTW – I’m also posting as GAF. I need help!


In my opinion, this is THE WAY to make Roast Chicken. My boss is the owner of a bakery and has mastered the art. It got to the point where we would have “Roast Chicken Fridays” and she would have a different kitchen staff member cook a roast chicken each week so by the end of it, everyone was a pro!