Diary No. 2

This is slightly all over the place, but I hope you still enjoy these little tidbits from my iPhone! I was in Jackson Hole for five days, so most of my iPhone pictures between my last Diary post and this one made it into that travel post.

Hoboken Flowers

I walked by this flower stand at a market in Hoboken and thought, “Oh spring is almost here!” Granted, it was super cold and windy but the flowers looked like a quick taste of spring. Speaking of which, I can’t believe it’s already time to “spring forward.” I’m looking forward to it, even if it means losing an hour of sleep. I’ll gladly give one hour up for a little more daylight in the evenings.

Breakfast Hoboken

My friend Maddie has a non-traditional work schedule too. We have started to get together for lunch once a week and it makes me so happy! I try to time it up for days when I have no external calls or meetings aka days when I’m craving some human contact, haha. It’s the best way to break up the workday. Maddie is also super creative so I feel like I walk away feeling energized and excited.

Puppy Burritos

The apartment has been freezing and the heaters just can’t keep things warm. (And there’s a big draft by the front door that isn’t helping.) The pups have been so snuggly because of it and wrapping them up like burritos never gets old. This blanket is everyone’s favorite – because it’s heavy and very warm. Every night everyone (dogs included) fights over it.

Daily Edited Carry On

This isn’t an iPhone pic, but I had to share it! The Daily Edited (who makes my amazing monogram phones) launched a new line of suitcases. I haven’t had a chance to travel with mine yet but I’m super into the design, especially the personalization element. I did my name, but with Daily Edited they give you all kinds of personalization options.

Dudley Stevens

This is from my flight out to Jackson Hole. I wore a Dudley Stevens fleece and I don’t think I’ll ever travel on a flight without wearing one again. So cozy and comfortable. I’m also always freezing, so I usually take my coat off and drape it over my legs like a blanket, and with a fleece on top, the rest of my body stays just as warm. Winning!!

(Also side note, but I watched Instant Family on the flight out and omg I cried. It’s kind of a comedy, but also very heartfelt. Loved it. And the house in the movie is basically my dream home.)

Cookie Skillet

On our last night in Jackson Hole, Catherine and I were in charge of dessert. We were wandering through the grocery store uninspired by everything in the bakery. Then I thought, maybe I should make cookies? But I was lazy. So we got the premade dough that comes in a roll and smooshed it into a cast iron skillet. Topped with ice cream and hot chocolate drizzle. It doesn’t look big, but that was a huge cast iron skillet and the four of us devoured it.

Heart Rate

It’s really been so long since I’ve had a full blown panic attack and this week I had two…. I mentioned that I had the first one while on this giant tram. And the second one was at a doctor’s appointment. I was on edge to begin with and then a nurse was walking around with vials of blood and the room I was in was super hot and stuffy. Yikes. I happened to be wearing my Apple Watch for the first panic attack and it’s crazy to see the data of right when it happens. When I’m in one, all I can say (if I can say anything) is that it feels like I can’t breathe. But to see the actual heart rate recorded is pretty crazy. My friends knew I wasn’t being dramatic about being terrified, but when we were at lunch and looking at the heartrates, they almost couldn’t believe it.


On a lighter note, Maddie, Taylor, and I went to a Cricut media event this week. We had a blast getting to know some of the featured creators. Cricut and Joann’s partnered with three women with totally different styles to make their own line of Cricut products. Above, we’re with Tara of Rad & Happy– we loved her!!!

There is something so incredible about going to an event and instantly clicking with strangers who don’t feel like strangers. I think crafters might be my people, guys. We were all saying how we wished Tara and Natalie (another one of the creators) lived closer so we could do our next crafting party together!!

Gingham Ears

How cute are these gingham bunny ears?! I think I’m going to have to buy a few of these for some of the little ladies I know.

Stubbs and Wootton

Stubbs and Wootton sent me two pairs of shoes for spring and they are soooo gorgeous. Can’t wait for the snow to melt to wear them!! Natural Rope (also comes in a gorgeous navy) and the tennis players. Use code CARLY20 for 20% off a full priced item! For sizing, I prefer a 7.5 (i.e. half a size up) just for extra comfort. I can walk ALL DAY in the slippers and they’re such high quality.

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I wish I could say that it felt like spring was arriving, but it’s not quite there for me! But I welcome ALL the warm vibes. I need more of them pls haha // It’s so nice to be able to schedule regular catch-ups with friends! I did that when I was in school too. Otherwise, I would have only seen my friends in my major! // YOUR BURRITO PUPS ARE SO PRECIOUS!!! They are the most relatable // My mom always travels with cashmere scarves because airports and planes get cold, and I’ve recently taken to following her lead! // I’m still loving your Cricut adventures as much as ever hahh <3 // Those shoes are so ! cute ! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


I had one thing I wanted to comment, read more… had two… continued reading and now I have three separate things I want to comment on!

1. the flowers are gorgeous and make me want spring here sooner than later!
2. those shoes are adorable!
3. I just want to say thank you for being so upfront and honest about your panic attacks. I suffer from severe panic attacks. Reading about others makes me feel not as alone. So again, thank you for sharing that Carly and being so honest.

Felicity |


I really love these diary posts! I hope they become a regular Saturday feature. It feels like such a privilege to get a peek into your regular day to day activities. Have a lovely weekend!


Your blog is my respite! I love this post. I feel like you are one of the most real/normal woman bloggers out there. Stay cool 🙂