Diary No. 26

We’ve officially been doing the Diary posts every other Saturday for a year! Figure it’s a good time to check in to see how you’re liking the posts. I had considered dropping down my weekend posts for a while, but decided to try something new on Saturdays, rotating between a product round up and a Diary post. It seems to be successful from my end and helps me better plan my editorial calendar without having to drop the weekend posts!

Valentine's Day

Mike and I had the nicest Valentine’s Day at home. We had toyed with the idea of going to Brooklyn for a concert but staying home was more our speed! Mike made copy-cat Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and homemade french fries and we watched a few episodes of The Crown. We’re hooked!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

That weekend we also went into the city for a surprise birthday party, which was a blast. They had a doughnut wall and I haven’t had a Krispy Kreme in forever and I forgot how amazing they are. No joke, I had two and then brought another one to eat on the drive home, haha! I’m grateful we don’t have one nearby– it’d be too dangerous.

Hair Day

I finally feel like I’m figuring out my haircut. I know it’s not actually short, but it did feel so much “shorter” than what I had. I always feel like it takes a couple of weeks to get the hang of styling a new length!! I also fully believe good hair days should be celebrated– ha!!

(Had some questions about the wallpaper on IG stories– it’s from One Kings Lane!)

Rutgers Prep

I was asked to come speak with a group of high school girls. It’s one of my favorite things to do. These girls were so smart and thoughtful. The best part though? I got to see Ari (remember when she took over my blog last spring?!) She’s a freshman now!


Just a cute little guy.

RX Bar

If you haven’t tried RXBARS, I can’t recommend them enough. I always try to keep a few on hand for hangry moments. The coconut chocolate is my favorite flavor at the moment. Tastes like a “healthy” Mounds bar.

Dining Room

We had Mike’s parents over for dinner last week. After dinner we braved the freezing temps and walked into town for ice cream. The temperature had plummeted so it was probably a little overly optimistic on our end, but ultimately worth it for some delicious ice cream!

Afternoon Light

I am so grateful for the sun staying out later! And we’re going to have even more light when we spring forward next week. The afternoon light in our kitchen is my FAVORITE. It sparks so much joy. We had zero natural light in our kitchen in Hoboken so I do not take this for granted!!! I say a little prayer of gratitude every time I catch the light like this.

Sunday Motor Cafe

Everyone met up for breakfast on Sunday morning before a family nature walk. Ryan (Mike’s goddaughter) is the sweetest. I was giving her back scratchies and she just rested her head on the table to get a little more comfortable. My heart.

Espresso Class

Last weekend, Breville invited me to take a class on espresso making. It’s run through Williams Sonoma and if your local store offers one and you love espresso, I definitely recommend signing up. It was so fun and a really great afternoon date idea.

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A good idea in theory but for those that follow you on Instagram, the photos and accompanying text are almost always duplicates from your Stories. Aren’t there other iPhone photos you can share that aren’t recycled?


I’m trying to cut down on pretty much every thing these days, so really appreciate these posts. Reminders to enjoy life as it’s happening. They’ve been some of my favorites.


I’ve gotta day the diary posts are my fave! I understand product posts, from the income aide of things… but the diary posts are definitely not something you should let go of or cut down on. Maybe even add in some product mentions or whatever. ☺️ I am a New England girl at heart stuck in SWFL so it’s incredibly refreshing to see what you guys are up to when I’m feeling sad about being stuck down here.


I love these posts! They’ve become one of my favourites. For one, I love your sense of aesthetics and it just seems a like a fun thing to put together. I’m also just very into all the nice food or drink treats you’re sharing, ha!


I love your photo diary posts, they are some of my favorite posts that you do. Perfect for first thing on a Saturday morning.


I love reading your diary posts and I look forward to them every other Saturday! They feel very different from the other posts because they are more personal and give a glimpse into the special parts of daily life. I also love your photos!


These are my favorite posts! Love getting my cup of coffee and reading these on Saturday mornings! Seeing your life though your iPhone is refreshing and real. Your kind happy heart really shines! Please don’t stop!


Love these types of posts, gives me ideas what to do during my weekends lol. Also would love for you to bring back the 1 girl, 5 outfits posts!


Love the diary posts & candid iPhone photos! Also never get tired of seeing photos of how you style your home!! Love getting ideas for my place 🙂

I also recently moved to a new apartment last year which has sooooo much natural lighting and feel the same joy whenever the sun pours in!


where is your silverware from? And I love these posts! And would love a post on all your cute tableware 🙂


These are such lovely, authentic posts. I really look forward to reading them!

Brigid Devney-Rye

Please keep doing your diary posts, it reminds me about what is great in my own life.


I like these! Your other posts are great but a little more orchestrated. It’s nice to see the out-takes of regular life 😉. It also makes you more accessible if you get what I mean. If you like them – keep them!

Brittany H

I love these posts too, but I don’t ever see them until Monday mornings :). Also, I totally agree abotu Rx bars. They’re the BEST.


Love these posts! Also that sandwich looks amazing – do you have a recipe you share??


I enjoy the diary posts, Carly! It’s a fun look at what’s on your mind on a day-to-day basis.


I thoroughly enjoy the Diary posts. I think they make your blog more personal and they are just a delight to read. 🙂


I love these posts! I follow you on IG and while there is some overlap, it feels more casual on your blog and I feel like you usually give more context. My vote is that you continue 🙂


This is such a neat idea! I usually save a lot of photos and have great memories attached to them. A digital diary is a great way to share all of those little moments that are often the most special! (Also, the espresso making class sounds awesome – I’ve recently wanted to learn about all the coffee related material I can!)