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I’m en route to Palm Beach this morning with a girls’ trip with Maddie! I’m so excited for some sunshine, girl time, shopping, and needlepointing. Other than doing a little extra prep-work ahead of being away, it was a pretty standard week over here.

Boxwood Cafe

Shooting for my blog is pretty weather dependent, which can be especially tricky this time of year. I am constantly tracking the weather to make sure we’ll be able to shoot outside. And if it’s extra bad, I try to figure out a way to shoot inside or switch what I’m shooting for the day to be more inside-type content. Well, I had to photograph an outfit for an upcoming campaign that I’m super excited about on Wednesday… and even though the weather app said it was only supposed be overcast, it was full on raining. We made it work though and then retreated into a cafe before Carter’s train back into the city. Maybe not ideal in terms of productivity, but it was a nice change of pace to not have to work and to just catch up a bit!

SO! Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu

I am PUMPED for the Little Fires Everywhere series on Hulu. I absolutely love Celeste Ng’s writing and really enjoyed reading her book. When I heard that Reese Witherspoon was going to be adapting it for a television series, I was thrilled. The cast is INCREDIBLE. Ah! I cannot wait!!

TWO // Gluten Free Cornbread Muffins

I haven’t made these yet, but I saved the recipe to make for later and have loved every other Ambitious Kitchen recipe that I’ve made so I know this will be a winner. Mike’s mom has Celiac and I’m always on the hunt for great GF recipes to make for family dinners. I love cornbread. I love it so much that I actually try to avoid it because I simply can’t stop myself from eating a ton of it. Definitely making this the next time we have them over.

THREE // Everlane’s Mesh Cotton Crew

This sweater is so cute and chic. I have a similar one from last summer and had a TON of questions about it. I wore it all the time. (I have to confess though that I washed the sweater I already have and I think there was something in the wash with it and it turned blue?! I put it aside to deal with later and I’m not sure I can salvage it.) Anyway, happy to see that Everlane has something similar in case I can’t revive mine… and I’m loving all the colors!

FOUR // Disney Tips with Little Kids

Kelly recently went to Disney with her two girls (toddler & baby) and wrote the most amazing write up with all kinds of tips. I have to confess that I’ve never had a desire to go to Disney. We went once as a family and then we went with friends when I was a toddler (and have no memory of that), but we never went when we actually lived in Florida!! I always thought planning a trip nowadays requires hiring an expert who can tell you everything about FastPasses and meal reservations and how to make the most out of a super crowded park, but Kelly’s advice is SO straightforward and a lot less intimidating by anything else I’ve read from bloggers!

FIVE // Viral London Tube Singer on Ellen

Did you happen to catch the video of the guy going up to strangers asking them to finish the lyrics to a song? Well, there was a standout star! A woman picked up the lyrics to Shallow and sang it so, so beautifully. All while she was just walking to catch her train. Ellen just had her on her show and, wow, she is talented. She also seems just so appreciative for the “big break”– love seeing her getting the spotlight!

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I hope Florida treats you well! The weathers been a little all over the place. And I’m 100% biased but you should give Disney another shot 🙂 With or without kids! lol

Brittany H

Disney as an adult is awesome! You’ll feel like you’re hemorrhaging money but other than that, it’s great! The rides, the characters, the food and, most importantly, the drinks at Epcot are all so much better as a grownup.

Also, I too am excited about Little Fires Everywhere. I’m from CLE originally and the book takes place there. Ng’s writing style is fantastic, I agree, and can’t wait to see the adaptation.


Disney is a lot easier than people make it seem! I think most people get too caught up in ‘trying to do it all’ which is IMPOSSIBLE. Going as an adult is extra fun and easy too. Definitely give it a try next time!! It’s worth the feel good feels.


I planned a Disney trip my senior year of college for my group of 6 friends in an afternoon- we mapped out every day and had a strict agenda with some wiggle room and had a blast! It’s not intimidating as people want you to believe 😉