Diary No. 28

I think this was one of the hardest two week periods. Mike and I have been fully committed to the social distancing thing for over fourteen days. (I’ve lost track of days, but I know this is our third weekend of it.) While the actual quarantining part hasn’t been that bad (forever grateful we are in the suburbs in a house–I don’t take an ounce of it for granted!!!!!!!!), the emotional aspect has been so much harder than I anticipated. This past week in particular I found myself just breaking down seemingly at random. But I’m trying my best to look for all the good. That’s what you’ll see here.

One of my favorite parts of my day is getting in a quick workout. It’s funny because I never imagined I would miss going to the gym this much!! The dogs mostly see me as a jungle gym and it’s actually pretty nice to have their company. Mike and I were having coffee one morning in the sunroom before I was going to do a little yoga and Teddy plopped his ball right into my mug. I couldn’t help but laugh!

For a while, we had been escaping the house to go to this field to play with the dogs. But the more people were stuck in their homes, the more they were coming out in droves to the parks/fields. We had to stop going because it was getting too crowded. I was getting stressed the eff out with all the people around. I already am looking forward to when we can go back out there for some fetch worry-free.

Anyone else switching into pajamas super early? I don’t even wait for the sun to go down most days. I have never been more appreciative of my affinity for pajamas– I’m rotating through them every day now as a second outfit 😉 These blue ones are always so nice to put on (40% off right now)– I usually steam them because they get wrinkled in the wash, but I put these on straight out of the dryer. THE BEST!

I think the pups are starting to pick up on the fact that something is off. Isn’t it weird how they can tell?! They’ve both been extra clingy, though I think they’re happy that they have yet to be left alone in weeks!

Our favorite cafe Sunday Motor Co did deliveries on day by Porsche! It was so fun. They have a Porsche inside of their cafe so it was a fun little touch. Doing our best to support them during this time… it’s not a hard sell though, I love their food and I’m happy to have it a few times a week. Can’t wait to sit down inside to enjoy a cappuccino there though!

A ~real~ outfit! Cashmere sweater + Jeans + Sneaks

Spotted this picture perfect scene while walking the dogs one day. The light was hitting the church just so and the tree out front had just “popped” with blooms.

I finally got around to thoroughly cleaning my car. I usually keep it pretty clutter-free, but the dogs bring in so much dirt and I somehow still had Christmas tree needles stuck everywhere? I love that I can bring our cordless vacuum outside and get every last grain of sand and dirt from the dogs out of there!

Last Sunday night called for roast chicken. This is my favorite thing to make. Groceries have been hit or miss (and I’m using delivery services instead of going into stores) so the carrots were a little…. off, but otherwise such a cozy meal for night home. I love how the whole dish just makes the house smell homey as it cooks.

Getting creative to shoot content with my tripod and camera. My camera has Wifi so I can use my phone to control it remotely. I was framing the shot and Hammy popped out of nowhere– made me laugh!

I filmed a new video for my IGTV about needlepointing. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off, shooting up close needlework by myself was a challenge. Had fun doing it though and now I’m inspired to film some more!

I’m not sure if the myth about stress causing grey hair is true or not but I swear my grey streak has been greyer than ever the past few weeks. Every morning it seems like it gets more prominent!!

A HIGHLIGHT was hosting a little virtual stitch club with my friends. I love how everyone is picking up needlepoint. I cannot recommend doing something like this with your friends. Obviously doesn’t have to be needlepointing, but it was as close to the real thing as we could get. Plus, we had people from CT, NJ, NY, FL, and SC– so much fun!

My daily walks with dogs have now turned into spring bloom tours. I’m constantly tracking trees’ progress on flowering and checking branches for tiny leaf buds.

If you end up having a stressful day and need to unwind…. might I suggest making a GIANT bowl of stovetop popcorn? I grabbed this bowl and found myself on the couch for a couple of hours the other night and instantly started to unwind.

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I am also tracking spring blossoms in my neighborhood- I usually go for walk in the arboretum near my work so it’s nice to see the daily progression of how my own neighborhood changes in spring.

Also, funny enough Harvard research has shown stress is correlated with hair turning gray! I’m too lazy to look for it now but a quick Google should find it. I sent it to my parents a couple months ago with an apology note 😄😉

Kimberly S

Thanks for the great posts always but especially now. You are doing a fabulous job and I have been so impressed with how you are sharing with us daily thru this unique time in our world. I love reading and walks with my dog. We don’t have blooms here in Midwest. I wonder if the east coast is always ahead of us? I’m sure you have posted in past about your vacuum but I’m ready to get one to clean out our cars. Also, I totally love your needlepoint hobby! Maybe some day I will get back to that. I used to cross stitch and candle wick which is a stitch, nothing to do with candles.
Thanks so much! Also, how is your family in Florida. I feel like your mom must be baking or doing something helpful. Your masks making production is inspiring. Thank you!


I love how you’re handling things… finding the positives is the best. Staying busy and getting organized is something I’ve been doing as well. I’ve been following your blog for years, but mainly just checked out your Insta for the last year or so. It’s nice to check out your blog again and see how you’re doing!

Lindsey Olmstead

It’s totally normal to be breaking down at seemingly random times. It sounds weird, but everyone is grieving… this is HARD! What I cannot stress enough to people is that it’s okay to feel how you’re feeling AND to express your sadness, disappointment, fears, etc. even if others have it worse.
Also, thank you for the Headspace recommendation – it has been helping both me and my 11 year old sleep (my husband hasn’t tried it yet).


I’ve been breaking down at random points as well, unfortunately. I think I read somewhere where what we’re all experiencing right now are the stages of grief. It seems like a lot of people I’ve talked to have also randomly broken down at points during the week. I’m glad you’re still supporting your local business though and hanging in there!


Thank you for continuing to share these posts, especially since I’m sure that as a blogger, you may worry about producing original and attention-grabbing during social distancing. But these are wonderful and always look forward to them (even ones highlighting a low-key week)!


I’ve been impressed with the confidence in which you let yourself grey for a long time now but haven’t had the courage to try myself.

Thinking this COVID-19 era is the perfect opportunity! Thanks for the inspiration

Dana Mannarino

I feel this!
I’ve only been going out 5-10 minutes a day and that’s really just to go support our local coffee shop. It’s been weird, and I’m only NOW just trying to get into a good groove of 1. The new normal of working from home for my 9-to-5 (lucky I still have a job!!), 2. Work on my blog/business and still trying to make income there, 3. Working out (lots of yoga), and 4. Trying to find a hobby!

ALSO, have gone through about 31820981308 boxes of popcorn. Cannot be stopped LOL

Dana | The Champagne Edit 

Dana | The Champagne Edit 

Lorraine Barnes

I love your honesty about your feelings on this virus. I too have found myself tearing up over articles or trying to talk about what is going on. I’m not concentrating very well and, while I love your ideas about crafts and such, I just can’t seem to start anything!
Love all your dog pics – huge poodle fan! We have had 3 and our current baby loves to drop her string ball into the hot bath while greeting at the tub!


Dear Carly,
thank you so much for your honest blog entries during the greatest crisis that most of us have ever faced. I can see that it must be really challenging for a blog/a brand like yours to address this properly and I really appreciate that you chose to be honest about how you feel. In my opinion you have found the perfect balance of sharing your thoughts and anxieties and also being positive and thankful. I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I really hope that you and your loved ones stay healthy. You seem like a very nice, humble and determined person and you really deserve to be happy and successful! All the best from Germany!