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I really just wanted to start this post with a huge thank you and a big virtual germ-free hug. I’ve been doing so much reflecting over the past two weeks and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for this community. For everyone who has sent me memes that they thought I would like (should I be alarmed that over 500 people sent me a screenshot of this American Girl tweet?!), a book they loved, a helpful resource to share, a small business doing good…. thank you. 

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Sara Fitz Needlepoint

Sara Fitz is an incredibly talented artist. I have had two of her Nantucket-inspired prints hanging for years. We had the opportunity to get dinner with her and her husband last summer and, OMG, she’s just as amazing in person as you’d expect. We hit it off! She texted me a bit ago that she was going to be doing needlepoint canvases and I have been eagerly awaiting the announcement so I could share with everyone! The time has finally come– they’re live!!! I know some have already sold out but I know they’re doing their best to keep up with demand, so don’t hesitate to email them.

TWO // Ginger Spice’s Iconic Union Jack Dress

I must admit that I was never too into the Spice Girls. However, Ginger Spice just sat down with Vogue (that outfit!!!!) and shared the backstory for how her iconic Union Jack dress came to be. It’s fascinating and ultimately such a good message about following your gut.

THREE // Sohp Shop

My friend Chassity and her kids just launched a new company! The soaps are designed for kids and feature a fun little surprise toy inside. As they wash their hands over time, the kids get closer and closer to the toy. Love the idea and they’re also so cute. Proud of Lilly & Fletcher!

FOUR // The Sudden Obliteration of Expectation

A reader sent me this video and I loved it, it so perfectly encapsulated how I have been feeling. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it or find the words for it, but yep. This is it. 

FIVE // Joe Buck Narrating Quarantine Life

These videos had be laughing OUT LOUD. I don’t think anything has made me laugh this hard in the past couple of weeks. Joe Buck, with no sports to narrate right now, is adding his commentary to regular videos and it’s everything. I really can’t stop laughing– each is seemingly better than the last!

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I flipped out when I saw those little Sara Fitz designs. I snagged the bathing suit and lilies, and placed a deposit for the striped shirt and hydrangeas in a vase. What did you get? I struggled to pick four.


Loved that video (The Sudden Obliteration of Expectation)! It really hit the nail on the head with how I’m feeling right now—especially the overreacting, under reacting part. It set me off on the right foot this morning! Thanks!


The Sara Fitz needlepoint is everything!! I want every single canvas, haha! I am currently working on a la croix pattern, and Sara’s is next on my project list 🙂 happy friday, Carly!


Loved the video of The Sudden Obstruction of Expectations! I went through similar when I was diagnosed with infertility and then again when our son was born still born in January. As terrible as it sounds, going through those things, have actually made it easier to deal with this pandemic because I’m more “used to” have expectations blown up in my face if that makes sense? Not a way I would wish ANYONE to have to deal with something like this, but I think it’s almost like becoming slightly immune to things not going as planned or expected.
Also, as a side note, I HIGHLY encourage you to watch this video (its super long) but its such a good video about the reality of covid19 and how we can protect ourselves and family. It’s made me feel a million times better about daily choices!

Stay well!


I just want to give a shout out. Joe Buck Is awesome. Needlepoint yes. Yoga yes. Barre yes. Cooking yes. H and T are so cute. You along with many other bloggers will help us get through this. Taking our minds off what is unforeseeable, making us laugh, informing us on what we can do to help out and above all just sharing a part of your life at least makes me feel less isolated. I really appreciate all you do and it does matter. Thank you.


How would you recommend going about the Sara Fitz striped shirt? Getting all of one color done first/would you cut it before moving on or keep the same thread going as you move throughout?