Diary No. 31

Hello, another two weeks in quarantine for the books. Going through my phone’s photos to see what I’ve been up to is pretty funny because all the days in my head have pretty much blended together. Even looking at the photos it’s pretty hard to distinguish one day from the next.

Groomers were finally deemed essential here in NJ. I put the dogs on a waiting list with our usual girl, but they’re so backed up. I’ve been obsessively washing, blow drying, and brushing their hair to keep it from getting matted. They can be a little longer on their bodies so I haven’t been as worried about that, but they did start to look straggly around their face. I watched a BUNCH of youtube videos on how to trim poodle/doodle dogs’ hair and it’s actually been kind of fun? Now I’m giving them little trims every week to keep their faces clean and the hair out of their eyes.

I think as a non-professional small trims are easier to manage than big cuts!

Oh have we been having some glorious weather! Maybe twice a week it feels like SUMMER and I’m here for those days. We try to be outside as much as possible on the really good days. Mike did this set up by himself!

So a pandemic cliche! I tried making bread. It was honestly so easy and the results were delicious. Here is the recipe I used– it was great. You prep it the night before so the dough can rise (activate?) and then pop it in the oven in the morning. We made French toast and sandwiches two days in a row with the bread! Yum!

I had been throwing thread into a craft box willy nilly. It was very “easy” but it was actually a nightmare, especially as my collection grew. I finally took the time to color code and oh boy did it spark joy! These are the containers I used. The compartments are snug but the thread rolls up and fit just so, Plus I really just enjoy looking at the boxes. (Clearly I like blue.)

I went live with Louisa on Instagram last week. We had so much fun (and it’s saved on my story if you want to watch!). The recipe we made was so, so good. It was my first time cooking anything with curry and certainly won’t be my last. I loved it for leftovers too.

My sister surprised me and sent me this little wine tote! It was such a fun gift… can’t wait for picnics in our backyard for now. A few people mentioned that it would make a great needlepoint tote and I agree. So chic. (Also confirmed it fits a bottle of Veuve Clicquot too.)

Speaking of needlepoint, I’ve stepped up my lighting game. It’s been so hard for me to see at night, so I’ve been bringing my lamp from my office to the bedside. I bought this lamp two years ago and it’s sold out, but here’s a similar one. I will admit, I’m THIS CLOSE to ordering a lamp to wear for my crafting ha!!!

I love Mike… but he is not the handiest guy 🙊We both know when something requires anything with a tool, I’m the one going to be doing it. (It’s in everyone’s best interests haha!!!) I made him take this photo to send to his friend group chat.

These dogs. Ugh. The floof just gives me all the feels.

We have a freeze warning in effect right now but last weekend was so hot and sunny! I broke out a pair of shorts for the first time and made sure to be extra vigilant with the sunscreen. This is the bottle I use. It’s huge and so easy to pump out. (Mine is from last year and they did a slight rebranding of the sunscreen, but it’s the same stuff– bottle just looks slightly different.)

I’ve been having a cup of peppermint tea every evening. It’s so relaxing and a nice way to unwind.

Just set up for a successful 80 degree day!!! There are no words to describe how nice this felt. I kept moving the chair in and out of the sun. Into the shade when I got too hot, back into the sun when I cooled back down. My dress (c/o) is 50% off right now and super comfortable– definitely go down a size though, it runs pretty big.

It was so nice out that Mike and I broke out margaritas!

This was snapped on a dog walk through our neighborhood. If this doesn’t “spring has sprung” I don’t know what will!! Seriously, it’s green green green. I always forget how nice it is to have leaves on the tree and then within a week, the whole town seemed to come back to life!

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Hi Carly – where do you get your needlepoint canvases? I was getting some from Etsy but the shop is temporarily closed so looking for a new source. Thanks!


My mom uses a lamp that clips to the frame of her needlepoint. Maybe you should look into one if those?


You could try thread cards to make you thread box even more organized. Basically you just wrap the tread around the card and you can fit multiple into each section. I’ve linked some from Michael’s so you can get a better idea!


Love your blog.

An OTT light is a great portable light for needlepoint. You can rest it on the arm of a chair or on a desk or bedside table. I prefer the plug in style.

Also, if your fiber collection grows too big (as happens to needlepointers), you can use hanging jewelry organizers with the little plastic pockets…and put fibers in the pockets… then hang them in a closet. One organizer has 80 pockets.


We just got our doggie grooming kit from amazon….our pup has turned into quite the hairy monster as we have been calling her, lol. Wish us look as we attempt to groom her! Happy weekend, Carly!



Loving your post Carly! So authentic and normal.

We are quarantined here in the Boston area, so ready to break free. My husband and I went to Best Buy in Cambridge today for a curbside pick up and it was a *total ghost town* – Cambridge!

We have been making margaritas and much more too. We have been limiting our drinking and eating, as it’s getting out of control. Riding the peloton and road bike has helped. Would you mention more about your and Mike’s exercise? I cannot get my husband to exercise.