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Hi! How are you guys doing? Did you have a good week? Bad week? Up and down? Just wanted to send some positive vibes your way. And below is a picture of Teddy perched on the sofa looking as charming and sweet as ever.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // FareShare

I thought this was such a great grassroots organization in NYC. Private citizens can donate unused MetroCards to essential workers. Really simple idea that can make a small but meaningful difference for people who are still working and serving their community. You can sign up as an essential worker or find information for how to donate your unused MetroCards. 

TWO // Rifle Paper Co Pet Accessories

Not sure if these are new or if I’m just seeing them for the first time but how cute are these Rifle Paper Co pet accessories?! So chic and fun.

THREE // Hotel Providence Coloring Book

I stayed at Hotel Providence during my first trip to Paris and it was such a chic hotel. I loved everything about it, the location, the wallpaper, the morning croissants, and the restaurant downstairs. I’m still on their email list and they just sent out a fun printable coloring book. If you’re into coloring, you have to download it!!

FOUR // Daily Moisturizer

Follain, a clean beauty retailer, sent me this daily moisturizer. I’ve been using it for three weeks and I am impressed. I have tried a few clean moisturizers that just didn’t do it for me– some had weird smells, some never sank in, some were super greasy. This one is fantastic!! It does take a little bit of time to soak in (maybe four minutes), but I’m not really wearing makeup much so I don’t worry about it right now. (Though if I do put on makeup, I just wait a few minutes before applying.)

FIVE // J. Crew

I’ve been getting so many DMs asking for my opinion about J. Crew filing for bankruptcy. Ultimately, I really do believe it’s a good thing. They’re not going anywhere, just restructuring debt, and this would have happened pandemic or not. I’m rooting for them big time– and I hope this ends with them with a better brand and better product in the long run. I commented on the story for Adweek and thought the whole article shows where they might have missed the mark in the past and, hopefully, how they’ll get back to their roots. I love that they released a statement with a classic white button up as the background, I hope it’s a harbinger of what’s to come.

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I bought that Follain moisturizer a couple months ago when I was searching for more clean skincare products, and I’ve been really impressed as well! Curious to try more products from their line.

Patty Poorten

Love your insight for J. Crew. Hope they listen to you! You are a wise woman.


I really enjoyed reading that Adweek article and I liked your comments in the piece (especially the one about the lady in Brooklyn wearing silk pajama pants haha). I didn’t start wearing J.Crew until 2007 when I was in college and wanted to look more mature (I’m very petite so if I don’t dress mature then I look like a child lol). I didn’t wear tons of their pieces though until a few years later and my peak in terms of wearing their clothes was in 2012. I loved so much of what they had in 2012 because it was fun and colorful, but still classic. In fact, I still own and wear many of the pieces that I purchased then. Even though I still like their clothes now, I don’t buy a lot of their pieces anymore because the quality can be spotty and sometimes the sizing is inconsistent (there is no longer a J.Crew in my city so I can’t try things on and if I order something online and it doesn’t fit then I have to pay for return shipping). It sucks, but I hope they can get back to a good place. I don’t know what I would do without J.Crew!


Thank you for your comments on J. Crew. I hope they listen to you and go back to offering more classics and leave the trendy stuff behind.


Fareshare is a great idea! One less thing for the essential workers to not have to stress about

Maria M

I absolutely love that Adweek story. Your quote about the silk set that a woman in Brooklyn may wear, is spot on! I love J.Crew and I hope they can recover. Thanks for sharing!!


Love the J Crew story. Yes, agree – they are still my go to for coats and for cashmere sweaters & button ups. Even a classic tee. Hope they are around for many more years!