Diary No. 38

Another two weeks for the books. These flew by even faster than normal. Summer really seems to be slipping away… I’m just not really ready for fall.

I have a tiny collection of Susan Gordon pottery. I love her little dishes. When I saw that they were launching a line of hydrangea dishes, I set an ALARM to not miss the event. They’re coming back this September… so be sure to follow along on Instagram for more details on when!

If you’re local, definitely swing by Sunday Motor for the tomato toast. It’s next level. It tastes exactly how summer should! It’s toast, ricotta, prosciutto, basil, and tomato slices. SO. GOOD.

This little angel pup gets sweeter by the day.

I can’t stop talking about my love for iced lattes at home. I seriously feel like an idiot for never thinking to do this sooner?! What a game changer. I’ve been switching between oat milk and regular milk depending on my mood, but I absolutely love being able to make drinks at home for a fraction of the cost and I can perfect my milk to espresso ratio!

Mike and I are both obsessed with our Chappy Wraps. Trust me, they’re worth the hype. But NO ONE loves them as much as my dogs. They’re like magnetically pulled to them.

I bought these roman shades for our guest room. (You can work with the company to create your own color combination.) The guest room is finally, slowly but surely, getting a little bit of attention. Roman shades aren’t complicated to hang, but they always take more effort than I remember. It took two trips to Ace Hardware and a jammed finger for me to complete the task. I almost gave up… but the completed look was worth it!

I got to see my friend Maddie in person for the first time since our trip to Palm Beach this winter! We’re good about texting and Facetiming, but it was SO NICE to see her in real life!!

In addition to the Peloton workouts I’ve been doing, I have been very into Melissa Wood Health app. It’s a lot of light and body weight workouts. A mix between yoga and mat pilates. Lots of low impact stuff which my body has been craving. I even got the bangle weights… makes such a difference to take your workout to the next level. (They’re so comfortable too.)

There is nothing better than a great bagel. I don’t have them often, so I try to savor each bite!!

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Oh my goodness, the granny eyeglass chains – such a retro 1950s grandma throwback; too hysterical!

Kelly Carr

The hydrangea bowl is beautiful! What size did you purchase? I just signed up for restock alerts 🙏

Kim Swales

I ordered the weight this week too. I am excited to wear them on my walks and for at home workouts. My arms definitely need some toning.

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

My morning bagel is one of my greatest motivations to get out of bed hahah. I genuinely plan my breakfast the night before to get myself excited to wake up, as comfortable as it is to stay under the covers 😛