Diary No. 4

Back with another Diary post today. I realized that when I did the quarterly update that I forgot to include this series with my “posting more iPhone content.” I was thinking solely in terms of Instagram, but I’ve been posting iPhone pics here too, as part of this new series!

Rosemary's West Village

Spring isn’t my favorite season, but one thing that I do love about it is that when we have a warm day, everyone takes advantage. It’s like the tiniest taste of what’s to come and the excitement is palpable.

A couple of Sundays ago, it was quite warm and sunny. Mike and I popped over to the West Village for brunch. We ended up at one of my favorite spots: Rosemary’s. I don’t love their breakfast as much as I love their lunch/dinner, but it’s still lovely any time of day.


I bought a pair of APLs from Lululemon. They’re no longer doing a partnership so all of the sneaks were half off when I went. I got the Faint Coral pair and love how pink they are without looking frilly. I’ve been eyeing the brand for a while, but now that I’m working out a lot, I can appreciate a good sneaker. I personally won’t be running in these (I recommend getting fitted for a pair of running shoes– I have, and love, my Asics) and instead will stick to my BBG workouts. I tested them out for a week and loved how my feet felt throughout the entire workout. Highly recommend. As far as sizing goes, I went with my true size i.e. half a size down from my athletic shoe size. I usually get a 7.5 and in these I went with my regular size 7.


If you’re in NYC or visiting sometime soon, put Buvette on your list. It’s a teeny tiny restaurant in the heart of the West Village, but once you step over the threshold, you’ll think you were in Paris!

(Which!!!! Mike and I are headed back to Paris for a long weekend next month and I am already so excited.)

Rach Martino

My friend Rach and I are opposite in many ways but I think that’s why we get along so well. I instantly clicked with her when I first met her at a work dinner about three and a half years ago. We didn’t stay in touch after that dinner and then ended up running into each other, like, everywhere for weeks in a row. At one point I spotted her ice skating at Rockefeller Center and then later that day she overheard someone chatting about me in Old Navy and it turned out to be Mike’s sister. (That story still makes me laugh!!!)

Anyway, we got together after that and have been hanging out regularly ever since! BUT….. we hadn’t seen each other since December which seems crazy. We were very overdue to catch up and had the best lunch!

Almond Croissant

Maddie and I got together at the uptown Choc O Pain location. Hoboken friends– you must go. I love working out of the downtown location and it’s much more convenient for me. But the uptown one has much more natural light and is a just a prime spot for reading by yourself, getting work done, or sitting with a friend over a cappuccino.

Middle Part

I took my hair down from a bun and it fell into a natural middle part. I usually don’t part my hair down the middle because it shows more of my greys. For whatever reason though, I didn’t hate it that day. May just have to give it a try for real.

Toy Poodle

So Ham and Ted get along great. They’re definitely brothers and play together a lot. They do not, however, sleep near each other. When I saw Ham resting his head on Teddy for a little snooze, my heart nearly burst. Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen??? (Haha, I know I know, maybe it’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen because they’re my pups.)

Bad on Paper

My friend Grace co-hosts a podcast called Bad On Paper. I went to one of their live show in NYC on Monday and it was so much fun. I saw a handful of friends and thought the conversation they had about friendship was very interesting.


Kind of a boring photo, but it felt very important. It was the first leaf sighting this spring. I was walking the pups and literally every other tree was still bare as a bone and then there was this beauty! With actual leaves, not even just little buds. HELLO SPRING!


My mom got me hooked on these silk scrunchies and originally I thought I’d only wear them in the house and while sleeping. Well, not anymore. Now I’m over here rocking scrunchies all day, every day. I either have one on my wrist (at the ready for a bun or pony) or in my hair.

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I part my hair on the side for the same reason! But that middle part looks great!

Julie C

Love these diary posts with iPhone pics. Feels refreshingly real in the midst of the internet 🙂


Aw cuddling pups are so cute. Mine don’t cuddle together either. Love the center part and gray streaks- so cool and classy.


I just bought the sneakers! Always end up loving the same ones you have. Why shop around when I can just look here!