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This week was a doozy for me. I’m actually shocked it’s Friday already because it doesn’t quite seem possible. We started off the week at the vet. My poor little Teddy got hit hard with some sort of stomach bug. He’s been sick before and I’m usually pretty level-headed about it, but this time freaked me out because he had zero energy and his tail wasn’t up or wagging for anything. So I took him straight to the vet who further freaked me out saying he might have swallowed a sock or something. Luckily, we got the best news we could get: stomach bug. It took three nights, but he’s finally fully back to himself. Such a relief. (I have no idea how real moms, not just dog moms, do it!!!)


I’ve been eating so many cuties lately. Like, craving them. I don’t know if I’m deficient in something or if it’s the weather or what, but my body keeps telling me, “more, more, more.”

Beyond cuties, here’s what else has been on my radar:

ONE // Beach Painting

While browsing on Pinterest, I stumbled on a photo of this beach painting. I went on a hunt looking for it and was so excited when I found it on Etsy. I think it’s so cool. The detailing and texture really bring it to life, don’t you think?

TWO // Seersucker Wrap Dress

Okay, this might just be the cutest dress Vineyard Vines has ever done. I’ve been trying my best to hold off on buying new summer dresses (because how many blue & white dresses does one girl really need? please don’t answer that 😉). I might have to get this one before an upcoming beach trip though!

THREE // How We Staged a House to Sell

My 2019 weekends have largely been eaten up by open houses. Which is fun and exciting and overwhelming and also eye-opening. Each open house has been different. Some houses are totally empty, some have random furniture “staged” from the previous owner, and some are gorgeously staged. It was obvious within the first few weekends how important professional staging was. It made a house seem so much better, even if on paper it was the same as another poorly staged or empty house. Loved Emily Henderson’s take on staging a home!

FOUR // Gingham Straw Hat

This is an adorable summer hat! I have a similar one that I wear frequently throughout the summer and it’s a great “goes with everything” kind of hat.

FIVE // Homerun Celebration

Ending this week’s post on a positive note! Billy hit a home run and did the best celebratory dance on the way to home plate– even knocking out the crowd along the way!!

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Love your blog. Today the links from beach painting and seersucker dress lead to Google instead of the items.


I had a feeling your news from a few posts ago was going to be about real estate! Looking forward to hearing what happens! Good luck and congratulations!!!!


Staging a house is so important, but it can be so odd to see a house you’re familiar with be staged! My parents just had their house staged and the stagers just used existing furniture and art work in the house to rearrange stuff to look great in photos and for visits. I trusted the process but it was weird because I thought their house was perfectly cute and functional before, I didn’t realize what a difference it could actually make. They sold their house above asking in only 3 days, so I guess it worked! Lol 🙂


Open houses?! I like how you snuck that in there!! 🙂 Hoping to hear more about that soon!! Congratulations!!


Love the article about staging! When my fiancé was looking at apartments after college, we toured one that had a 1970s orange and brown couch (the elderly tenants were moving out) and I could not get past the couch to envision the space. Thankfully he did and we turned the space into a perfect preppy man-cave!