DIARY No. 46

The past two weeks feel like a blur!! I feel… underwater. That’s the best way to describe it. I came into my break feeling super burnt out and, if I’m being totally honest, taking time off didn’t exactly do the trick. I still had some things lingering over my head due in January and just never really got into the groove of relaxing. Sometimes doing nothing is even worse? I am feeling a little better just getting back into the groove. Trying to take it easier but still getting stuff done.

I barely took any photos over the past two weeks… but here’s what I have!



After that big snow storm we had, the snow really stuck around. We took the dogs on our favorite walk (Loantaka if you’re local) and I couldn’t believe how much snow there was. The dogs LOVED it. Usually they’re hit or miss with cold weather but they seemed to be loving it. I was fully expecting a short walk but we kept such a good pace, I was sweating (despite temperatures in the teens).


The next day we still (!!!) had a great amount of snow so we met up with my sister and brother in law and our nieces to go sledding. I haven’t gone sledding in years and it was MORE fun than I remembered. Such a blast.


Inspired by my internet friend Melissa, I started collecting fun ornaments for the year. She calls them “pledge classes” and tries to find ornaments that commemorate every year.

Here’s what I got for 2020:

Sewing Machine (who knew sewing face masks would spark a LOVE for sewing)

Champagne Bucket (for our engagement in June)

Just Married Car (for our wedding)

Bag of Chips (because, well, you know I love my chips)

Bell Pepper Ornament (for #pepperwatch2020)

Spin Bike (it hasn’t arrived yet, but who knew I’d love the Peloton as much as I do!)


I made my usual chocolate chip cookies. I adapted it to be gluten free, which I’ve done before, and they come out normally. These were SO different. Very flat, super crispy on the outside, more chewy on the inside. They were different but delicious. Not sure what went “wrong” but it turned out great.


The dogs got freshly groomed and came home looking like stuffed animals. (The collar is for our invisible fence, which we all love– I always get questions about it.)


All of my gifts ready to go!!!

I loved the wrapping paper I ended up going with… I always enjoy wrapping gifts, I find it so cathartic, and with cute wrapping paper it’s even better.

peppermint stick ice cream

A friend dropped off peppermint stick ice cream from Sundae Best down the shore (IYKYK). It was delicious!!!! I definitely got my fill of peppermint ice cream for the season and already looking forward to continuing the hunt next Christmas 😉

"Apres Ski Lodge" by Michael Storrings.

Okay so…. I was trying to think of things I could do to “feel relaxed” and thought a puzzle would be perfect. Yeah, no. This one was so insanely hard.  It was aggravating me every time I went to sit down to do more. Finally realized it was doing the opposite of relaxing me and swept the whole thing back into the box. I shared it on Instagram and a few people actually…. wanted a super hard puzzle. It’s the “Apres Ski Lodge” by Michael Storrings. (It seems to be sold out online but I found one on eBay.) Try at your own risk 😆

cute puppy snuggles

Ending with some cute puppy snuggles. They love to snuggle but it’s rare that they are this close to each other on their own. And then I turn into a stage dog mom snapping all the photos to document it 😆

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Those ornaments are so fun! I love this idea of commemorating each year. I saw they’re from Nordstrom, did they take forever to ship?? I’ve been waiting a week just for my Nordy package to get to the mail carrier (which I completely understand why). Though I still feel less enthusiastic to order again. Guess no need to be impatient, as you said, day by day.


I think it’s the widespread shipping demand from the holidays still– not Nordstrom because in normal times they’re quite fast to ship.

Marisela Alarcon Martinez

Hi! Love your blog and your adorable dogs. I saw they were wearing collars for an invisible fence. Will you be posting information regarding these? If not, would you mind sharing please? Thank you so much and Happy New Year!
– Marisela Martinez


Would you share what boots you wear for long walks in the snow? Do you find your Sorel’s comfortable for walking long distances?


First of all, happy new year Carly! I wish you joy, happiness and health for 2021. I hope the year is starting peacefully for you. Your Christmas presents were so beautifully wrapped! And it is great that you got snow, I just find it so magical and home days while it snows outside so comforting.

Julia x
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Sarah Draves

Lol my family and I tried to do the exact same puzzle! We didn’t make it past the border before Christmas was over and we ended up giving up. Maybe next year 🙂