DIARY No. 48

Rounding up the last couple of weeks according to my iPhone’s camera roll. Apparently I’ve been super into food pics lately– almost like it’s 2013!



Our brother in law came over to watch some football. He and Mike both love to cook so I’m totally spoiled when the two of them decide they’re going to go all out. He brought over chicken tinga and we made soft tacos with it. I love a good “taco bar” situation. So I couldn’t stop making tacos. I spent the night working on taxes (thrilling), but the tacos made it totally bearable!

McDonald's cheeseburgers and fries

This is more of a culinary confession. I drove through McDonald’s for the two cheeseburgers and a large fry. I usually only get McDonald’s as a “road trip” treat, but I was craving it. Is it the best lunch in the world? Maybe not nutritionally, but man, it’s just so good. and I love when you get a craving and it’s exactly as good as you expect it to be.


I remembered that I had frozen old bananas in our freezer and decided to make some banana bread.

I mix up the banana bread recipes I use depending on how many I have on hand. And I also started splitting the batter between two smaller loaf pans (versus one normal sized one) and I find that it cooks much faster and more evenly. (Mushy banana bread grosses me out.) I gave one loaf away to a friend and Mike and I spent a week cutting off slivers of bread for snacks. I like to warm it up with a tiny pad of butter… divine.

watching the inauguration | DIARY No.48

The dogs and me watching the inauguration!!!! Anyone else also have a string of photos on their phone of the TV? Because I have a couple dozen… I couldn’t help myself!

skiing gloves | DIARY No.48

It has been so freaking cold. The dogs and I are still trying to get out most days for long walks, but the cold was seriously starting to affect my enjoyment. I was wearing gloves, but they weren’t cutting it anymore. So I pawed through my ski stuff and pulled out my ski mittens. I purchased these while skiing (and freezing) in Canada a bunch of years ago. THEY ARE SO WARM. And now I’m nice and toasty throughout the whole walk!

nightstand | DIARY No.48

My nightstand at the moment.

I love how a nice clean nightstand looks, but I also realistically like having a bunch of things nearby so I end up with a more cluttered look… still kind of love it. A stack of books to read, my needlepoint WIP, jewelry dishes with my go-to earrings, and a bunch of framed photos I love.

avocado chicken chip salad | DIARY No.48

tash of needlepoint canvases

I have quite the stash of needlepoint canvases ready to be stitched. I haven’t been in the mood that much, but I’m waiting for the itch to return so I can get back into it.

Book Canvas (c/o) // Nantucket Sign // “I’m A Luxury” (c/o) // Santa Cake

Nap Dress + Sweatsuit // Custom House (c/o) // Swans

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream (c/o) // Christmas Tree // Camellias // Coffee Cup

benefits of double masking

I love volunteering and it’s pretty safe COVID wise. (For the two hours, it’s me and two other volunteers but we’re in our own aisles– it’s set up like a grocery store. And then there are a handful of other volunteers who very briefly restock shelves as needed.) But even though it’s as safe as possible given what the job entails, I still get a little nervous since it’s too cold to keep a door propped open. After reading about the benefits of double masking, I decided to go for it. We have these K95 masks and then I wore one of my fabric ones over. Honestly felt exactly the same as one mask, so I’ll keep doing it.

ribbons on The Tiny Tassel Ending with a funny little gift. I saw these ribbons on The Tiny Tassel at the end of last year so I scooped up a bunch to give them to all of my girlfriends. Honestly it makes me chuckle every time I see it on my desk. 🙊

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Tacos look delish! Just wanted to let you know that Mikes brother is his brother and your brother in law. He can’t be “our brother in law” unless the “our” refers to you and another person who married into the same family and thus share the same brother in law. Cheers!

Lisa Mari

I’m definitely here for the 2013 food pics vibe 😂 my camera roll is so random these days too!
I also definitely have several pics of the tv from Inauguration Day,haha I’m not even American but it was such a hopeful day! My whole family ended up watching it with me too. Happy weekend!


I never knew double masking was a thing until I saw some people at the inauguration doing it, but it seems smart. Can’t hurt to be as safe as possible with the new variants.


All of these food pics look SO good! I’ve got to start spicing things up and trying more new recipes.


Carly, nothing to say except this collection of photos made me smile. I appreciate you sharing it since this is a rough winter for all of us. The McDonald’s and the Tiny Tassel ribbon – love both!


Those needlepoint canvases are so cute! Would you ever consider doing a virtual event or webinar explaining the basics of needlepoint and how to get into it? I know there are lots of YT tutorials and stuff but it’s still a little intimidating


Forgive if already previously posted, but your dishes, both bowls and plates, which are they?! Adorable and pretty.