Another week in the books. Can’t believe next week will be February already… anyone else feel like it’s flying by? I know I’m taking things one day at a time… but I’m really looking forward to February. I’m not even sure why, exactly, but I just have a good gut feeling about it.

ON MY RADAR 1.29.21 | the garden handbook

ON MY RADAR 1.29.21

ON MY RADAR 1.29.21

Wanted to share some things on my radar this week:

ONE // Amanda Gorman’s TED Talk

I am still riding on the Amanda Gorman bandwagon. She is just incredible and I cannot to see where she goes from here. I found her TED Talk and, shocking, it’s brilliant. While listening to her poem at the Inauguration, I was just so moved by her words. I also kept thinking about what a brilliant opportunity this would be for high school teachers to discuss her poetry in class. Well, add her TED Talk to the mix. I listened to it twice and forwarded it to a dozen people.

TWO // Liberty Cocktail Napkins

These are hands down the best cocktail napkins I’ve ever seen. I think I’m going to order a few to keep on hand for hostess gifts (when we can, you know, do that again) and then get a few for myself. I just am a complete sucker for all things Liberty.

THREE // The Garden Handbook

One of my internet friends sent me a copy of her digital garden planner. It is PACKED with information and truly a work of art on top of that. (Seriously, even if you have no intention of gardening, take a look at her website… it’s the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.) I had mine printed and bound at Staples. Cannot wait to dig into it and start planning my Pepper Watch 2021, ha.

FOUR // Sage Floral Headboard

I have no desire to do much decorating right now. I just don’t have the energy (and I’m terrible at it so it just ends up being frustrating). But that doesn’t stop me from browsing online and pretending like I am going to redesign some spaces around the house. I recently stumbled on this printed headboard and, wow, I love it. The print and color are such a good combo.

FIVE // The Parent Trap Birthday Party 

Saved the best for last… how freaking cute is this Parent Trap birthday party. Would it be weird if I threw  this kind of party a 32nd birthday? Asking for a friend 😉 I love all the details: the lizard on the Evian bottle, the peanut butter and Oreos, the “Cuppy” necklace making. SO GOOD.

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Sydney Paulsen

Oh my gosh, I’m SO happy you also freaked out over that birthday party. It’s all I want for my next one!!


Ha! My friend and I do a movie night to celebrate her birthday every year. We have themed snacks, an activity, a matching outfit and then just hang out watching the movie. Last year (her 30th) we did Parent Trap and it was a blast. I wear my Camp Walden shirt all the time. This year it’s Steel Magnolias…

Maitland Frilot

I think a parent trap birthday party is completely appropriate for a 32 year old. Or maybe a fun theme night for your nieces? Either way, it’s the cutest! When the movie came out I got my hair cut just like Hallie, only wore cloud pajamas, and they made a stuffed cuppy as a promo and I totally slept with it every night. So I might use it for my birthday too haha