I wanted to share some of the things currently making me happy. As you know, I’ve been trying to take things one day at a time as part of my yearly intention. I’ve been definitely feeling a little off lately– fully related to the weather (cold, snow) and the pandemic. Nothing major, but enough to just feel kind of “blah” about it all. There is still plenty of things making me happy right now though– and it’s always worth celebrating that!




Mike and I started watching this series on Netflix and we absolutely LOVE it. Phil Rosenthal is the creator Everybody Loves Raymond. In Somebody Feed Phil, he travels around the world (pre-pandemic!) trying local cuisines. It is the perfect way to fill the void of both not being able to travel and eat in restaurants. We have been inspired to cook certain meals at home or order from a local restaurant that specializes in cultural food after ward. Every other night, Mike and I take turns picking a “destination,” (aka episode) and we’ve been bopping around throughout the seasons. It is a heartwarming, totally lovely show. HIGHLY recommend.


So I’ve definitely had Dunkin’s blueberry munchkins before, but I don’t think I’ve had the full size before. I’m just obsessed. It’s a dangerous obsession really because every time I drive by a Dunkin’ now, I’m tempted to pull in to get one (or two). Try at your own risk…. they are soooooo good.


We started to go stir crazy with no plans on the calendar. Really nothing “fun” to look forward to. So we got creative and decided to make our own pandemic-safe plans. Two things I am particularly looking forward to? I booked a private showing at our local AMC movie theater. I have missed going to the movies tremendously. There was only one available opening (noon on a Saturday), but I scooped it up. We are going to watch Selma and I will be consuming my weight in movie theater popcorn 🤗

I also found out Eleven Madison Park, one of our favorite NYC restaurant’s, is doing at-home dinners, and there was a pick up location nearby here in NJ. What a fun “date night” idea at home. You get a full dinner for four so you get a taste of the Eleven Madison Park experience safely. (And they’re donating 10 meals for every order to Rethink Food.) We haven’t even done either of the experiences and they’ve already made me so happy, honestly. I just can’t wait.


I really haven’t been wearing much makeup since last March. Most days I would wear just mascara and a little swipe of eyebrow gel. But I’m barely even doing that lately. It started out of laziness. A “why bother” mentality. It normally bothers me if I don’t do my eyebrows at the very least. Right now though? I really don’t care– not from a “why bother” standpoint, but more so that going fully makeup-free bothers me so much less. It’s been so freeing. I still feel fantastic when I wear makeup, so it’s not like I’m fully eliminating it… but knowing I’ll feel just as internally confident without feels good.

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I’m dying to try the Eleven Madison park dinner but the only negative…everything has foie gras and my healthy husband will NOT like that!!! Someone posted on our local Facebook page (CT) that they did it for New Years and it was fantastic.


Love Dunkin blueberry munchkins. They are so good. Buy a box freeze half is my motto. I just learned this am there is going to be a signup for online classes by What We Eat private chefs in NY. I’m excited. Their food is delicious and healthy. As far as not being able to safely travel. I have been making plans so when it is safe I can just click, click, click. The flood gates of travel will open and I want to be prepared. As far as the news, Congress acts like a bunch of ballet moms. They should go back 100 or so years and fight it out on the floor like they used to and let us watch. Wouldn’t that be entertaining. IJS

Marie M.C.

Rent a movie theater? What a great idea! I live in San Francisco and the theater’s are still closed but when they open I plan to rent one. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion. I had no idea you could rent one for yourself and some friends. The price starts at $99 for up to 20 people. Such a deal!

Google: “rent a movie theater AMC”

Emma Koski

I love Somebody Feed Phil! My fam and I were reminiscing about traveling while home for the holidays. We were day dreaming because we went to 3 of his recs while in Ireland in 2019. They were some of the best meals!


I think it will be another few months before we will be allowed back in a movie theater (private showing or not) here, but the bf and I have a weekly movie night on Tuesday taking turns picking a movie. Surprisingly, putting it on the calendar and deciding in advance which movie we want to see makes a big difference! It’s a very small thing to look forward to, we don’t waste an hour scrolling through netflix to decide and we get to discover what the other persons likes! (we have “only” been together for about a year so still lots to discover ;))


Somebody Feed Phil is the BEST, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like cooking shows at all (but is forced to watch many by a roommate who does, ha). It could easily verge into corny territory, but it somehow never does. He’s so warm and genuine. My favorite parts are when he calls the crew over to taste something.


I don’t like when people tell me what to do but BUT I think you should rent an AirBnB for a few weeks in FL (or somewhere else)! It’ll definitely lift your spirits! Mike and the dogs can come too! I am going stir crazy at home and would love to work from someplace else!


Something fun we are doing to have something to look forward to is themed dinner nights! We do it every few weeks, and we each get to pick what kind of place we “travel” to for the night, and make dinner, dessert and play games and maybe watch a movie filmed in that destination! We had Mediterranean the other night OMG so good!! Just something fun to add to the idea bag 🙂


My sister (recently divorced) and I (super single) are doing the ~rent a movie theatre~ for Valentine’s Day! We’re doing a whole long weekend sleepover because we have that Monday off but will spend Valentine’s watching Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and truly eating our weight in candy and popcorn. I can’t wait!


Yes! Somebody Feed Phil is the best!!!!

I’ve been telling anyone who will listen about that show for years! Before the show got picked up by Netflix, there was an earlier iteration on PBS called I’ll Have What Phil’s Having. So when you run out of SFP episodes, you should try to find IHWPH and you won’t be disappointed, it’s exactly the same just a different name! PBS didn’t renew the series after the first season but then it got picked up by Netflix and I couldn’t have been happier!

This show brings me so much joy and I’m glad you’re enjoying it too!


Please share about the movie experience! I would LOVE to do that but am unsure how safe I feel about it.


Those are among my favorite donuts as well. They are so sweet that we call them “tooth hurters” but I still
love them.


Oooh Somebody Feed Phil sounds good! Also recommend Conan O’Brien’s travel shows if you’re missing travelling 🙂


For our 20th wedding anniversary in 2019, my husband and I had rented a cabin and just had the most cozy weekend. So to celebrate another upcoming milestone at the end of February, we are planning a similar weekend, but staying home. Basically, just being cozy, ordering in, maybe a little fun cooking, and plenty of binge watching.


I have been totally here for makeup free days this pandemic. Initially, it was laziness-I’m a nurse, all you can see between my mask, goggles, and scrub cap are my eyes, so why bother? Not to mention it was a feeble attempt to tamper down “mask-ne” breakouts from wearing masks for 12 hours straight. However, with pandemic stress at an all-time high and being in the midst of another never-ending midwest winter, I’ve been forcing myself to start putting on makeup again. At minimum at least doing my eyes. Ive read lots of posts about getting dressed for WFH for motivation, and since I can’t change my scrubs, might as well try something different, right? Hopefully will help power through these next few months as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel!