Diary No. 49

Welcome to another round up of my recent iPhone pics! Kind of a fun round up of photos. I think we definitely made the most of being “at home” lately.

Diary No.49

Diary No.49 | dog with neck ties

I crack up every time I pick Teddy and Hamilton up from the groomers. They get so fluffy. We love our groomer here in Madison. She’s so nice and always does a great job… every time they come home with some kind of new neck accessory. Sometimes it’s holiday themed bandanas and this time it was TIES. I can’t.

Diary No.49 | amc rentals

Mike and I rented a movie theater out for a fun mid-day date.

It’s through AMC and, if you ask me, it was 100% worth it. We felt completely safe as we had the entire theater to ourselves. I loved that they had a full concession stand available too. I’ve missed going to the movies– there was a stretch of time where I went at least once a week. I actually thought it might have been than before because there were zero distractions since it was just us. No one chatting, coughing, coming in and out, or on their phones!

Diary No.49 | Eleven Madison Park at-home dinner

Okay I think the HIGHLIGHT of the past two weeks was doing the Eleven Madison Park at-home dinner. The entire experience was a 10/10. We agreed it was the best dining experience we’ve had throughout the entire pandemic. While we cooked it, it felt like being in a restaurant. And EMP did such a fantastic job with everything from the pick up (so easy), the presentation (absolutely perfect), and the meal (delicious). Can’t recommend it enough if you’re in the tri state area.

Diary No.49 | Eleven Madison Park at-home dinner

Diary No.49 | getting vitamin d

I’ve been taking every opportunity I can get for some vitamin d.

It’s been COLD and kind of gloomy from all the snow, but every now and then we have a break in the clouds and the sun feels fantastic. Warms me right up to the core. I read (don’t quote me on this, take this with a grain of salt), that getting sun exposure for 15 minutes on your torso is good for you so I try to stand in our doorway with the door open in a sports bra trying to soak up as much as I can before I get too cold.

Diary No.49 | lululemon socks

Weird photo, but just a PSA to try these socks from Lululemon. I am obsessed. And this is coming from a person who hates most socks. I have to wear socks when I wear my cycling shoes for the Peloton and I’ve been hunting for the “perfect” pair. These are holding the #1 spot right now. They’re thin and supportive.

Subaru Forester

I started thinking about getting a new car at the end of last year.

It’s no secret how obsessed I am with my Subaru Forester…. BUT I want a few upgrades. When I bought my car, I didn’t care (or know to care) about a few things and it’s starting to drive me crazy. It’s a first world problem, but my current car doesn’t have automatic lights. It hadn’t bothered me for years and now it does. Every time I get into my car, my first thought is, “I want automatic lights.”

We’d also love to have kids someday so I’m toying with the idea of upgrading to the Ascent (which has three rows) or just upgrading to a newer Forester. I really loved the Ascent and heard from so many of you who went from a Forester to an Ascent and told me how much you loved it. I have a few appointments coming up to test some other cars before I make a decision, but it’s been fun to think about.


After almost a month of not being in the mood to needlepoint, I finally felt the desire to stitch a few rows! I’ve been working on a big work project and I think it’s been weighing on my mind so much that by the end of the day, I just want to read and go to sleep. Hoping for more happy stitching to come though! Canvas above is c/o Middle Sister and Co.

fresh salmon with broccoli

Mike does most of our dinner cooking (love him!). When it’s my turn, I’ve been doing meal kits or trying new recipes from cookbooks we have.

This week, I was exhausted and tired and didn’t feel like exerting much effort. I swung by Whole Foods for fresh salmon on the way home from volunteering and did a one-sheet meal of broccoli we had in the fridge and the salmon over leftover rice from a take out meal. So. Easy. Always tastes like it required more work than it actually did.

Valentine's Day gifts

My mom has always given my sister and me little Valentine’s Day gifts. She still does it, even though I’m 31 and I love her for it. Reese’s holiday shapes are a family favorite!!!! This candy won’t last long in our house.

FTD Valentine's Day bouquet

My friends at FTD sent me a Valentine’s Day bouquet. I loved working with them last year and this bouquet is so lovely!

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One thing about automatic lights is that they don’t necessarily turn on your *back* lights unless it’s dark out. So if it’s raining, or snowy, or dusk. Make sure you know their limits. It makes me bonkers on the highway.

Stephanie K

I didn’t realize that Mike was an Eagles fan! Go Birds – hopefully next year is better than this past year! Love this round up of pictures, so glad you’re safe and healthy!


I read somewhere that you expose your torso for Vitamin D reasons because it gets relatively little sun exposure so it’s “safer” for sun damage reasons. FWIW.


Consider leasing rather than purchasing a new car. We’ve always purchased and kept our cars for at least 100,000 miles because it made financial sense for us (my husband is a CPA and analyzes every big purchase carefully). We decided it made more sense to lease our latest cars because technology is changing so fast. Leasing gives you the flexibility to upgrade every few years to ensure that you always have the most up to date safety technology and that it suits your family’s current needs.


Would definitely consider a hybrid. My car is what we use for road trips and not fully ready to commit to frequent charges.


I have a hybrid that I love! The range is good enough that I can charge overnight and pretty much never have to get gas.