This week was kind of a hodge podge of highs and lows. I started counting down the days to the weekend early, which is never a great sign. However… I am really looking forward to this weekend. We’re not big Valentine’s Day people and the pandemic has changed our minds about it this year! And I’m super excited for next week as one of the projects I’ve been working on is going to launch! Stay tuned for more… 🥳

ON MY RADAR 2.12.21

ON MY RADAR 2.12.21

ON MY RADAR 2.12.21

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Amanda Gorman’s “Chorus of Captains”

Listening to Amanda Gorman recite another poem was the best part about the Super Bowl in my opinion. I just love listening to her and watching her speak– she has such a gift. I also thought her poem was such an important part of this year’s Super Bowl, putting the focus on what real heroes look like in a time when the world is in crisis.

TWO // Jardin Floral Blouse

This garden print has me dreaming of spring!!! The top is absolutely darling and couldn’t be cuter with the fringe details. Tuckernuck also has the print available in a dress form as well. I think the top is the way to go if you live in a climate where pants are more likely needed in spring, but I’m jealous of everyone who can wear a dress where they live!

THREE // Blue Bow Candles

How cute are these blue bow candles?! It was such a surprise to get tagged on Instagram by this new Etsy shop and see that they had named the candles after me! It’s no secret that my love of bows– especially blue ones– runs deep. Feel so honored. I wish I had had these for our wedding. They would have been perfect for our table!

FOUR // Zillow on SNL

This SNL skit about being turned on by Zillow had me rolling with laughter. I spend about five minutes every day looking at listings– both for places we’d love to have a second home (someday!) and various towns. Everyone it seems is doing the same thing while we’re working from home. Dreaming of new locations, how far our money will go in different states, and picturing lives we will never have. 

FIVE // Faux Pearl Hoop Earrings

So I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a second piercing the next time I’m able to see my sister. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and I think this whole pandemic has made me just want to go for it. (Weird, right?) I promised Stacy I would do it with her. Even if it’s going to be a while from now, I can’t stop looking at new earrings in the meantime! I am obsessed with these faux pearl and gold interlocking hoop earrings!!!!

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Love SNL. So funny. Thanks for sharing. Those bow candles … get them for Easter and a couple of those ceramic bunnies would be an adorable. I cannot wait for warm weather and back to being outside. The warmth of the sun…Spring is on its way.


My sixteen-year-old daughter and I got a double piercing back in June, and it was my idea! Totally a pandemic thing, and isn’t a little stack of huggies the cutest?

Swapna King

I cried when Amanda Gorman recited her poem. She truly has a gift. I love the Tuckernuck blouse. Their prices can be out of my budget, but I was surprised to see the dress is only $20 more than the blouse. I understand a blouse has more details and more intricate. I bought a set of the bow candles. I have not bought tapers ever! I now need candlestick holders! The bows are so pretty! I have three piercings in each ear. I wear pretty small earrings in my second and third holes(all diamonds, but I love this earrings from JCF. Would you wear it in your second hole? JCF surprises me every season with the cutest jewelry designs! I so enjoy your blog, Instagram posts and stories. Cannot wait to see all the new projects this Spring and Summer. Always an inspiration!


I’ve also thought about getting a second piercing for a while. I know someone who has a little pearl stud as her second earring, and it looks really pretty – it’d go great with those hoops that you linked!


Getting second holes on your ears really ups the earring game! I love combining smaller studs and hoops but also still love wearing my statement earrings. You won’t regret it!!