Diary No. 5

Back today with another installment of this Diary series. I’ve really enjoyed doing them every two weeks! Here’s the last segment.

Some of my favorite iPhone pics over the past two weeks:

Bwe Coffee

Maddie and I knew that it was going to be in the 70s one day so we made plans to find a coffee shop to sit outside. We usually get coffee at least once a week together when we’re both working from home, so we were very fortunate that the good weather lined up with a free afternoon. If you can’t tell from the big smile– it felt so nice to be outside.

Stubbs and Wootton

This post is pretty much dedicated to spring weather if I’m being honest. I’ve had a near compulsion to snap photos of every bit of green and flowers. Took these linen loafers (c/o, 20% off with CARLY20 at checkout) for a spin.

Dudley Stephens

Dudley Stephens (the company behind these insanely comfortable fleece pullovers) just opened a pop up store in the West Village. I went to a launch party and got to check out the new space! So excited for them. This is their first brick and mortar store and it’s in the perfect spot (400 Bleecker), just down the block from two more of my favorite companies: Margaux and The Daily Edited.

I had a bunch of questions on DM about my pants, they’re from J. Crew a few years ago, but I think these are the same style!

West Village Spring

One of the best stoops in the West Village. I mean. The door. The grand entrance. And they nail it in the understated but perfectly maintained flowers.


Meghan and I got together for dinner after the Dudley Stephens event. I was craving a salad, but we ended up at Morandi where we each got cacio e pepe. Much better than the salad I had in mind. I went to bed feeling so full, both from the pasta and from the great conversation we had.


Not the most exciting photo, BUT I’m selling a few things on Poshmark right now. I cleaned out my closet (again) and I’m really trying to pare down what I own. I love each of these items, but I just know I already have too much. Maybe something piques your interest!

Iced Latte

I’ve been mostly eating lunch at my desk while working, so to get away from my apartment (which is also my office), I have been taking myself out for coffees to read for about 45 minutes every afternoon I can. If there are fresh almond croissants, I can’t resist one either. Because I’m trying to cut back on my disposable coffee cups, this is forcing me to sit down and enjoy my afternoon coffee versus taking one to go and then just rushing out to the next place. Sometimes I have to skip it altogether because I simply don’t have the time, but it’s made me enjoy the cappuccinos and iced lattes I do have that much more as a result.

The Great Believers

Picked up a new book at Little City Books before going out of town. The Great Believers came highly recommended and every review is downright glowing. Can’t wait to really dig into it.

PS I started a bookstagram!

Hoboken Jeep

The dogs and I have been greatly enjoying our evening walks around the neighborhood. I’ve been on “leaf watch” taking note of new leaf growth on the trees. It’s THE BEST to witness a street get a little more green with each passing day.

Calia by Carrie Underwood

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was in Pittsburgh for a hot minute to kick off a partnership with Calia by Carrie Underwood. I am definitely motivated to workout with a cute outfit, haha. Everyone got to pick out there outfit ahead of the trip and my friends and I all showed up in the hotel lobby completely matching!! This is the pink top and the pants (both c/o).


My travel outfit which I wore two days in a row and will probably wear one more time before I’m back home!! Just so comfortable.

Here are my sneaks (c/o), jeans, top, tote (the large size), and suitcase.

Haagen Dazs

In Hilton Head for the weekend and keeping things very, very low key. It’s been nice. On our first day, I had two ice creams. This Haagen Dazs coffee and almond crunch bar was so, so good. I ate it while riding a bike home and it was messy but oh so worth it.

Bow Pajamas

Matching PJs with Ry Bear.

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Those PJ’s are out of this world adorable with the babies match! Such a cute picture Carly! 🙂

Ashley C.

Love these diary updates! Regarding your Poshmark post, what’s your policy on selling items you were gifted from brands? My friends and I were actually discussing bloggers/influencers who resell things on sites like Poshmark and ThreadUp and were wondering what the industry standard is—or if there’s one at all.

On one hand, we all understand that influencers often buy more clothing and accessories than “normal people.” They’re constantly creating content for their accounts, so it makes sense to offset some of that expense by reselling the items they don’t really need. On the other hand, though, we all agreed that it seems kind of icky for an influencer to sell something to their followers that they themself didn’t buy—particularly something they were gifted as part of a paid sponsorship. What are your thoughts? Do you have a rule you go by?


I mostly give away to friends when I can. But otherwise I donate or send into ThredUp. I just can’t keep up with everything and truly can’t keep everything from a pure space perspective 🤷🏻‍♀️


Ashley – I totally get where you’re coming from. It’s like double dipping almost. One blogger I follow donates all her unopened beauty and makeup samples to a women’s shelter and a British vlogger I follow sells here gifted items but donates the money to charity.


Wow. Your smile in the first picture is radiating happiness. I am glad you found a spot to sit outside and absorb the real Vitamin D. Thanks for the tip on Dudley Stephens too. I must have walked by the store on Friday. Ugh :o) Don’t worry, I’ll get there soon. Looking forward to hearimore about your time in HH.

Jennifer Record

I say this with admiration.. for the first time, I caught a typo on your blog (and I’ve been a faithful reader for over a year): “Everyone got to pick out there outfit ahead ” should be their 🙂
Stilll love the post and blog 😉

Bailey Carver

Love this update! Spring has finally hit where I live too and I can barely stand working inside all day 😂. Hope you have a happy Easter!


I absolutely love these posts, makes me want to get out and take more photos to capture the little moments in my days to look back on!


I like these diary posts! Like a catch up chat with a friend.
Also, BTW, I got black gingham pants like yours at Target last week!