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Writing this from Hilton Head! This is my first time here and I’m really looking forward to spending some time at the beach and disconnecting a little bit. I had to dig into my bathing suit drawer for the first time this year, which got me super excited for upcoming summer travel. I’m considering this an adult spring break 😂

I also had the chance to go to Pittsburgh for the first time. It was a super quick trip and I wish I had had more time to explore the city. But I was there for a kick off event for a year-long partnership I’m entering with Calia by Carrie Underwood. We got sneak peeks of the upcoming collections (so. cute.) and I got to catch up with a few of my blogger friends that I haven’t seen in years (Brighton, Jess, and Liz!).

J. Crew Saturday Shoes

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // J. Crew Saturday Shoes

When I saw these sneaks hit J. Crew’s website, I immediately ordered them. BUT, the very next day, J. Crew actually sent me a pair and, omg, they are adorable. They were very comfortable right out of the box, but then out of the blue I had a bit of a break in period. I think I’m going to take out the white insoles and replace them with Dr. Scholl’s inserts for even more comfort. Especially for a lot of walking, I think I need a bit more support. But I just can’t resist those stripes, right???

TWO // Andrew Tallon’s Laser Renderings of Notre Dame

I, like most of the world I’m sure, was glued to the news about Notre Dame this week. I was relieved that, while the damage was significant, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. One story that stood out to me was how a late professor from Vassar’s research may play a role in the rebuilding of the cathedral. The vivid 3D scans are just incredible.

THREE // Marine Crawls Across the Boston Marathon Finish Line

I read and watched this story with tears in my eyes. So inspiring to watch Micah Herndon crawl across the finish line of the Boston Marathon after his legs gave up. He was running in memory of three of his friends who lost their lives while serving in the Marines. I watched the interview he gave on the Today show and loved that he was shedding more light on veterans issues.

FOUR // AirPower Explanation

When I heard about AirPower (a power pad that would charge up to three Apple devices) I was pretty excited as I have an AppleWatch, AirPods, and an iPhone. But then they shut the project down right before it was supposed to hit shelves. I thought this video gave a great explanation of why this particular product didn’t make it to market. 

FIVE // New Lion King Trailer

I know I already mentioned the new Lion King movie on an On My Radar post a couple of months ago, but I couldn’t resist adding the new trailer in here again. It just looks so good and so well done!!! I know my fellow 90s kids readers will agree!

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I love Hilton Head! I live just two hours away and with a condo down there, my family visits frequently. The absolute BEST restaurant on the island is Sea Shack. Beware that it is not a nice restaurant but the food is sooo good. There’s usually a line out the door so you have to get there either super early or late! The lightly blackened salmon is my go-to. A close second is Kenny B’s. It’s reminiscent of New Orleans and has the best creole food!


I live about two hours away from HHI as well. Enjoy your time there ! I’ll recommend two places as well – Plantation Deli in Coligny Plaza and One Hot Momma’s at the entrance to Sea Pines.

Meg Greer

Glad you get to disconnect for a few days! It is so important in our world today. Hilton Head is a great area to relax and enjoy the beach for a few days. Hope you have a great trip!


Can’t wait to read about your Hilton Head trip! I’m already counting down the days until our trip in July 😂 I was also anxiously following updates on Notre Dame, as a former architecture student I can’t wait to see how they go about restoring everything.


HHI is so relaxing. For dinner you HAVE to go to Low Country Backyard and Lucky Rooster. For Seafood with a great water view go to Hudson’s. And no trip is complete with a stop at the Salty Dog in Sea Pines. Don
t forget to buy a t shirt for you and cute bandannas for your dogs.

Lauren Gomez

So glad you shared the Lion King Trailer!! I’d watched it earlier and found myself tearing up… July couldn’t come sooner! (But I’ll embrace summer till then)

Gillian Redstone

Carly! It is so amazing to see you recognize Professor Tallon’s work. He taught my Intro Art History course at Vassar last fall (2017) and he was such a passionate and brilliant man, and his death shook the whole campus. I am so glad to see that his research is so far-reaching and that it will truly make a difference in rebuilding Notre Dame!


So glad that you got to experience Pittsburgh! My hometown has lots of great things to offer.