The Skirt of My Gingham Dreams

There are no words for how much I love this skirt. I immediately added it to my cart. And sent it to four of my gingham loving friends!!

It’s sold out in pretty much every size already (and one more size at Nordstrom) but I couldn’t resist sharing the photos on here. I rounded up some gingham skirts just in case a full ball gown isn’t your speed. (And I don’t blame you– it’s a commitment.)

Gingham Ball Gown Skirt

I’ve been thinking a lot about body confidence lately. I do think that my “self” is separate from my body but my body is the vessel in which I move throughout the world. My self-worth doesn’t come from how I look (it is what it is), but I do want to treat this body of mine with love and care. For me, that means taking care of it physically (working out, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep) and emotionally (mainly how I speak about my body, outwardly and inwardly). The emotional part has been the hardest thing to tackle– I can be so mean to myself when I look in the mirror. But reminding myself that if I wouldn’t say something mean to a friend, then I also shouldn’t say it about myself (whether that’s an internal thought or a complaint out loud).

While I feel like it’s a constant work in progress, right now, I’ve never felt better about myself. I feel so strong and healthy inside and I think it shows on the outside. (Or it’s a placebo effect– but either way, I’ll take it.) When I think back even seven years ago when I graduated college, I still felt so awkward in my body, so of course, I wasn’t feeling confident, and that naturally spilled over into my life.

I’m almost thirty and seriously wish I could have felt this good as a teenager. I have noticed a difference in how I think about myself, how I carry myself, and my overall optimism about life.

Wearing a bold skirt like this would never have happened when I was younger, but now I feel like I really do have the confidence to just go for it. Instead of feeling self-conscious, I feel empowered. I may have thought ten or even five years ago “that I couldn’t pull it off” even if I loved the idea of it and now I say, “I love this and feel so good wearing it.”

Carly Heitlinger

Straw Clutch

J. Crew Gingham Ball Gown Skirt

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Analisa Cantu

What a beautiful way of thinking self vs. body! You rock this skirt. I feel like it’d also be cute (when it gets warmer) with a scoop neck sleeveless top, like a tank with wide straps?


How do you get your tucked in shirts to lay flat and not blouse out over the skirt?! It looks so good on you but I can never replicate it

Stephanie S Bell

Stunning! And it’s such a classic that you will be able to wear it for years to come.

Laura Plemenik

You are beautiful Carly and I’m happy you are feeling confident – as you should. I am 48 and so I recall getting to that point. Just wait until your 30s – it gets even better! Thank you for what you do – such a good role model for young women.