DIARY No. 51

Here’s the past two weeks according to my camera roll. It’s been such a nice, sunny stretch and it has done wonders for my mood!


dog snuggling | DIARY No.51

Hamilton really loves to snuggle and get comfortable. I love finding him around the house in just the funniest, cutest positions.

boiled eggs and vegetables

Just thought these vegetables looked so beautiful all ready for my daily salad. I’ve been trying to eat at least two eggs a day, in some form, for easy nutrition. I have been on a huge hard boiled egg kick. Sometimes I hate hard boiled eggs and sometimes I love them– now is a “love” phase apparently.

Mini Lady Bag | DIARY No.51

Julia’s collection for Neely and Chloe launched recently.

They extended the sale to include pre-orders, so there’s still time to get a piece of two if you’re interested. I love the Mini Lady Bag! In fact, I have it in a few colors already– it’s one of my go-to handbags and I’m excited to add the signature JB green to my collection.

using a macbook inside car | DIARY No.51

I shared that I restarted therapy about two months ago. It’s definitely different during a pandemic. If Mike has a work call, I take my therapy from my car in the driveway. I need complete privacy! I park my car in the middle of the driveway for the best wifi and honestly, it works out pretty well.

baby bump | DIARY No.51

My bump started to really pop.

closet bins from the Container Store | DIARY No.51

And because it popped, I decided to put away all the clothes that won’t fit. It felt AMAZING to just get it out of sight, out of mind. I bought some closet bins from the Container Store and shoved them in the back corner of the basement. Bam.

hydrangea canvas by Riley Sheehey/Plum Design

I was bit by the stitching bug again. Finally getting back into my needlepoint and it feels so good. I decided to do this hydrangea canvas by Riley Sheehey/Plum Design. I ran out of white and had to order more, but can’t wait to officially finish it. I’m going to have it framed for the guest room.

neutral wardrobe

What can I say? I love a lot of neutrals…. I recently bought a hot pink shirt and I really couldn’t believe I went for so much color. It doesn’t it look “natural” in my closet, which is just filled with beige, grey, navy, and a teeny tiny bit of green.

cheeseburger and fries

Mike and I had TWO date nights this past week.

The weather was just so nice, we couldn’t resist. We did early bird specials to be outside while it was as warm as possible. We were not the only ones with cabin fever itching to get out…. the restaurant was packed all afternoon and evening!! I got the burger one night and then the chicken sandwich the next. Did we walk to the ice cream shop after dinner to get cones to enjoy on the walk home? You bet. It. Felt. So. Normal. And. So. Good.

I forgot how nice it was to be able to walk into town and to live in a town that just feels so…. neighborly? We haven’t really felt that or even had the option all year. Makes me feel so hopeful again!

chicken sandwich and fries

homemade cake with flowersI have been in the mood to bake and finally just went for it. I found a recipe on Pinterest in the parking lot of the grocery store. Went with this cake recipe and it’s delicious. Not too sweet, very decadent. 

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So glad you are able to enjoy the neighborhood and feel more like there is normalcy in life!! I bet it felt great! <3 your posts!!! xxx

Swapna King

I love the cake plate and wish I loved to bake! I am glad you are enjoying the weather and feeling better. Your salads have inspired me too! I am definitely a spring/summer salad person. I debated on the JB purse. It is so cute! Hope you have a good weekend and next week!