DIARY No. 57

It’s been a FUN couple of weeks around here. We’ve been settling into a nice summer routine. Happy to see our friends again, celebrate and prepare for baby, and just trying to savor these long sunny days!



Our good family friend couldn’t make it to my Tampa baby shower so she offered to do our hair the morning of! It was so thoughtful and it felt even more special to get one-on-one time with her! Also, is there no better feeling than having someone else wash and blow dry your hair?! I felt so spoiled!

scoopneck bikini | DIARY No.57

This scoopneck bikini is such a good bathing suit choice.

It has a great amount of coverage and strikes a great balance between sexy and sporty! I already miss my parents’ pool…. it was so nice to just float around.

dog on the couch

This dog! Whenever I pick them up from the boarding place, they sleep for DAYS. They love getting to play all day every day with all the other dogs– I never feel guilty dropping them off. Nothing says “happy dog” like a tired dog. Teddy spent two full days on the couch catching up on sleep; this position he was in had me giggling.

baby stroller

I know I’m such a first time mom, but getting the stroller (a baby shower gift from my parents!) was such a highlight. I was walking it around the house like a crazy lady to “break it in.” It’s stored in our basement now, but I’m tempted to bring it out and do practice walks with the dogs so they can get used to walking with it, too. (But just how crazy do I want my neighbors to think I am…. haha.)

neck lamp

I’m exposing myself as a true grandma here…. but I’m here to tell you this neck lamp is worth every penny.

I originally got it so I could better see while needlepointing. It has three different levels of brightness and is perfect for reading in bed at night too. If I stay up late to read, I always felt bad having my lamp on, but this one doesn’t bother Mike atΒ all.

pural paletas popsicles

Our farmers’ market is open again! I swung by last week to pick up some produce (and this broccoli rabe lasagna we are obsessed with). It wasΒ very warm and I had sweat dripping down my back. Used it as an excuse to get a little popsicle!

"nesting" urge | DIARY No.57

Just when I was starting to think I wouldn’t be hit with the “nesting” urge, it really hit.

It was like a light switch flipping on. One day, I was like, “Eh, we’re fine” and the next I was tearing through every drawer and closet on a purging spree. The place I had been neglecting the most?! MY OFFICE. It was such a disaster…. I went through every file, every box, every drawer. It felt AMAZING!!!!

Summer produce | DIARY No.57

I have been making the same salad for lunch nearly every day for the past few months. (Once I could stomach anything besides English muffins, I wanted ALL the crunchy vegetables!) Summer produce hits a little different though!!

Chappy Wrap blankets

Sara Fitz’s latest collection of Chappy Wrap blankets are available now! They sent me the darling striped shirt one and I love it so much. It’s one of my favorite prints that Sara Fitz has done and it looks so summery and fun on the blanket.

coffee and some needlepointing | DIARY No.57

After a year of not really being able to see each other (and months in different states), Elsa and I are making up for lost time. We just got together for coffee and some needlepointing. (My outfit is linked here.)

converting the guest room into the nursery | DIARY No.57

More nesting.

This closet was a hot mess a couple of weeks ago. We’re converting the guest room into the nursery and the guest room closet was a hodge podge of storage. Still has a way to go (super excited to hang some wallpaper!), but it’s already showing great signs of improvement. (Baskets are from the Container Store!)

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Love the leggings and top! So cute!!! I check the status of my order multiple times a day because I cannot wait to see this stuff in person!


Where did you get your sunhat in the scoopneck swimsuit photo? Love love!! πŸ’›πŸ’›

Lorraine Barnes

I could totally see you dressing your boy like Prince George! Like seersucker shorts and those black and white saddle shoes! I can’t wait to see “Daily Outfit” posts for baby!!


I definitely walked around the house with our stroller when I was pregnant! I also practiced carrying in the infant car seat from the car so that our dog wouldn’t freak out whenever he saw it! πŸ˜‚


Looks like fun! I am totally getting in the summer mood too, especially since my classes will be all finished in a week πŸ™ŒπŸΌ So excited to see what you do with the nursery and of course to see baby boy so soon!


Doing a practice walk with the dogs is a GREAT idea. I did that and I’m so so glad I did – it was nice to figure out our groove for pushing, leash holding, corners, etc. Your neighbors will get it!