DIARY No. 63

The past two weeks were so great. I think in large part because we’re settling into a bit of a routine– a new normal, if you will. As much as I love summer (and I really do), it has felt quite nice to feel the summer rush fade away a bit. Getting ready for a cozy fall!

 I’ve been in the mood to bake, but it’s a bit challenging with a new baby. Elsa came over to watch Jack for a tiny bit and I wanted to send her home with a little treat as a thank you! I went with our family favorite chocolate chip recipe just to keep things simple and I always know they’re going to turn out perfectly.

We went to an outdoor reception to celebrate one of Mike’s friends nuptials. They had a COVID wedding and did an anniversary party a year later instead. This was our first time out just the two of us without the baby. I made a short appearance since I needed to get back home to nurse, but it was nice to get out! Though, I did cry… the mother/groom song just so happened to be the song I played for Jack while I was pregnant! It’s kind of a lesser known song so I was shocked when the band started playing it…. and then the tears started flowing!

We’ve only been taking Jack indoors (outside of our home obviously) when absolutely necessary– like pediatrician appointments– between COVID and RSV. When I start to go a little stir crazy, we adventure out to the Starbucks drive through. Jack loves the car and I love breaking up the day a tiny bit.


I’ve missed needlepointing so much. I really just don’t have the time, but I’ve been trying to carve out a few minutes if I can to do a row or two of stitches. I keep thinking “next week” will be a little calmer workwise and then the next week rolls around and it’s just as full as the one before. Maybe I’ll have time on Nantucket… fingers crossed.

I need to RAVE about Chatbooks for a second. I wanted to do some kind of photo printing/photobook solution for my iPhone photos. I don’t want the good ones to just stay in my camera roll indefinitely. I decided to try Chatbooks after seeing them all over the internet. We got our first monthly book back and I am impressed. First of all, their customer service is fantastic. And the quality was SO GOOD. I wasn’t expecting the printing quality to be as great as it is. It’s so good, in fact, that I wish they’d do photo prints in general because I’d use them!

My “jack” bracelet arrived and it’s so cute. It’s very affordable and while I wouldn’t say it’s anywhere near being considered “fine jewelry”– the quality is pretty good for the price (under $30!)! You can message the seller for a full list of fonts to choose from… I went with no. 11 (aka dainty).


My friends at Sockerbit sent me a box of Halloween candies. These are the BEST candies ever and I always get questions on Instagram asking for a reminder of the name.

We celebrated my sister in law’s birthday last weekend. It was a PERFECT night. Her best friend hosted it in her backyard and we all had a great time. It was so beautiful– neighbors walked by and said it looked like something out of a movie.

Allllll the walks around the neighborhood. I try to get in at least one walk in during the day. I haven’t started working out just yet (though it’s on my to-do list) so walks are it for now. I try to take at least one hill to get my heart rate up a little!!

Elsa and I finally got to go apple picking. Our original plan was postponed due to inclimate weather and it was worth the wait. We had a gorgeous crisp day and since we went on a Monday morning, we had the entire orchard to ourselves!!! Jack’s outfit killed me.

We went for a family walk and took the dogs to their favorite place. We hadn’t been since Jack arrived!! Everyone was happy 🥰

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My baby was born just a weekish before Jack and it’s so fun to see you doing similar things to me, just a few states away. I am with you on “outdoors or home” right now and I’m so glad we have nice cooler fall weather right now. An outdoor or drive through coffee shop visit a few times a week and a daily walk are keeping me happy and not feeling too stir crazy. Thanks for sharing a few glimpses of your little love with us-he is so cute. Have a great weekend!

Patricia Haddad

ok… made my morning with your pictures of Jack. I even chuckled when I saw the picture from your picturebook in his navy suit. Those cheeks! You are doing a great job as a new mom!


Daily walks with a baby is definitely underrated! Walks are so good for baby and mom (or dad). Great summary.


Too cute! Having a baby soon and got the same stroller. What is the brown leather bag you have hanging off the handlebars in the neighborhood walk photo? Thanks!