Rabbit, rabbit! This was such a productive week and I’m feeling really good coming into Friday. I have desperately missed this work-productivity feeling. While I don’t define myself by my work output anymore (thank god, those were rough times), I definitely do find work satisfying. Ultimately, I enjoy it a lot as long as I’m not burning myself out that is. My days look a lot different and my #1 priority is caring for Jack, but I’m happy that I’ve been able to find time for work, too. This is something I wasn’t sure about before I had him– I was curious if I’d even want to do this anymore, but turns out I really do! (I do fully recognize the privilege of being able to turn down and turn up work volume on my own schedule– I don’t take it for granted!)

Anyway, just felt like I needed to say that because it really did feel so good this week.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Gingham Bag

I am using all of my willpower to resist getting this bag. I actually have it with the black ribbon and love it! I’m actually obsessed with Pamela Munson’s entire resort collection which just came out. Do I have any plans to travel anywhere tropical this winter? I do not, but I am still over here drooling.

TWO // Jenn Im’s Birth Vlog

Early on in my pregnancy, I started following a bunch of influencers who were also due around the same time. I’ve been loving Jenn Im’s pregnancy vlogs and she just shared a beautiful video about the birth of her son. It’s such a beautiful, and positive, representation of labor and delivery. Kind of wish I had been able to watch it before I myself gave birth!! The nerves, the excitement, the boredom, the joy!

THREE // Quilted Jacket

Saw this Target quilted jacket on TikTok!!! It’s very much on trend right now, but so much more affordable (under $35!) than a bunch of the other ones out there right now. There were a bunch of other prints/colors earlier this week, so they must be sold out online, but it could be worth checking your local store to see if they have more in stock!

FOUR // The Cult of the Nap Dress

Loved this article from Stephanie McNeal about the Nap Dress! You guys know how much I love my Nap Dresses, so I was especially honored that Stephanie interviewed me for the article.

FIVE // Cane Picture Light Sconce

Are these not the cutest picture lights you’ve ever seen? I sent these around to no fewer than six of my friends after I received the email notification about them. I’ve been wanting to have a few picture lights installed (one in our living room and one in our bedroom). Was planning on doing a simple one, but now I’m leaning towards this option for a little bit of interest.

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I love Jenn Im! Her videos are always very positive, even when she’s down. Highly recommend her food centered videos. They’ve encouraged me to try more foods, especially Asian meals (Korean in particular since that’s what she shares)! She’s just overall so lovely.

Swapna King

Did you purchase a quilted jacket? Love a few colors. Which was your fave? I see jackets, pants, etc. made out of real quilt material and prices are way out of this world…this is a nice alternative!