DIARY No. 64

These past two weeks have been some of the most special. We’re in our favorite place, Mike is on paternity leave, and we have gotten so lucky with gorgeous fall weather. It’s been so enjoyable to have a quiet time as a family of three, kind of cocooned up here.

Packing for a month-long trip with two dogs and a newborn is no joke. I had a Google Doc I was working on for a few weeks leading up to our departure (adding things as they popped into my head), and that made making a lot more streamlined. I also then went back through what I had packed and “edited” things down– mostly clothes I had packed for myself. It’s actually been nice though having a pretty limited selection of things to choose from every morning… I don’t hate it.

FINALLY got to have my Juice Bar ice cream. With COVID last year and then having terrible reflux this summer while pregnant, I had missed out on the real deal. It was just as great as I remembered….

We’ve had a mix of great, warm fall days and cozy, chilly fall days. Great for going to the beach and cuddling up in sweaters and knits. Someone gave us this little knit hat for Jack before he was born. It’s still a little big– but man, it’s CUTE.

This trip is really making me wish we lived closer to the beach…. Like maybe we just move to the shore??? We’ve been doing so many beach walks– in the mornings, afternoons, and sunsets. Love it sooo much.

Always a bittersweet day when I have to break out the Ugg boots! These are the best though.

Jack was in a developmental leap last week (we’ve been using Wonder Weeks) and it was rough on our nap routine. Turns out beach naps solve everything though. He was out like a light– I think the sounds of the ocean lulled him right to sleep.

Picked up a book for myself and a book for Jack from Mitchell’s Book Corner.

It was extra amazing to have my sister in town for a few days. She hadn’t see Jack IRL since the week he was born. He had allllll the heart eyes for her! Made my heart just about burst.

One of the best views on the island! It’s this dog walk on an old golf course called Tupancy Links… you walk up a tiny bit of a hill and, bam, a sweeping view!

I’ve been starting my morning by bringing a cup of coffee into the outdoor shower. Usually Jack naps first thing so I prop the baby monitor on the ledge and just soak up the quiet time. Coffee is necessary, ha!

We went out for a very (very) early round of cocktails/mocktails and appetizers at Proprietors. HIGHLY recommend this place– it’s my favorite. Such a good vibe, the drinks are fabulous, and the food is incredible.

But…. this is mostly what we’ve been doing. We’re still here with a newborn, so life is just a lot of naps, cuddles, and nursing sessions on the couch. Wouldn’t trade it for the world though.


Have to end with this happy shot. As much as I’d love to move to the beach, the dogs would love it even more!!

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Love everything about this post, time with your family is the best. Enjoy every second. So happy for you