Time is going by WAY too fast. Between being in my favorite place and watching a baby grow before my eyes, I just feel like time has never moved faster. We’re entering the usual “busy” season for work and this year my book is also releasing in the middle of it (!!!) so I’m fully trying to ENJOY these last somewhat calm moments. And oh how glorious these days have been. I have been pinching myself– I feel just filled with immense gratitude right now.

Sweatshirt // Sunglasses // Baby Carrier

Here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // Oui Academy

My internet friend Claire has an incredible creative agency (I interviewed her for my book!) and she’s now spilling her secrets for how she creates insanely cool stop-motion imagery for brands. What I love the most is that she’s not just sharing how to do the stop motion (which is in HIGH demand right now), but also the business behind it too. If you’ve been looking to jump into a creative field but don’t know how to get your foot in the door, this might just be a great place to start. (Or if you’re already into photography, this could be a great way to step up your portfolio offerings!)

TWO // J. Crew’s 40% Off Sale, Including Coats

Needed to highlight J. Crew’s current 40% off sale because so many of their coats are included. (Often they aren’t!!!) I’m so tempted to get this gorgeous hunter green coat…. I’ve been really into green lately and love that it would look great with all of my fall and winter outfits– navy, black, cream, and camel! And it’s a nice “color” while still feeling a bit like a neutral.

THREE // Nursing Bra to Sleep In

This is a “help me!” part. I am looking for a really comfortable nursing bra to sleep in. I want something that doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a bra, but has all the function and practicality of a good nursing bra. Does this even exist?! I’ve been wearing my normal ones to sleep in and they’re great during the day, but less than great at night. (I don’t love the ballet bra style so that eliminates a lot of options… unless there’s a magical one I’m missing.)

FOUR // Caraway Bakeware

I am getting inundated with Caraway’s new bakeware line on Instagram. And let me tell you… it’s working. I want the entire set. They’re slightly backordered right now, so if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for someone (or yourself), I wouldn’t wait.

FIVE // Jimmy Fallon & Chris Stapleton’s “A Film by Nancy Meyers” 

No joke, at least a hundred people sent me this video parodying Nancy Meyers’ movies. Obviously, loved every reference but especially got a kick out of The Parent Trap one. Sooooo funny and genius. I watched it three times in a row.

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For nursing bras to sleep in, try the Adore Bralette from Bao Bei (my favorite!) or the Everything Bra from Bodily. Both are great small companies.


Sorry for the double post (still nursing 🤪) but these were my go-to nursing bras before my body was ready for the ballet style. I slee on my stomach and they’re super flexible(??) / soft so no hard pieces poking when sleeping. Good luck!!!


Ok, so I’m not sure what qualifies as a ballet bra, but this is the sleep bra I like. Honestly, I just wear nursing nightgowns to bed and skip the bra but this bra is super comfy and all you have to do is pull down.

Do you or your readers have a nursing friendly sports bra rec?


I’ve found nursing tanks the most comfortable to sleep in. I purchase from Old Navy then for-go the bra.


Unless you want to wake up with your pajamas and sheets soaked in milk, which pretty quickly starts smelling like stinky cheese—yes 😂


I recommend the combo nursing pumping bra from kindred braverly! It was so comfortable yet supportive.

Ashley Taylor

Larken bras are the BEST!! They are super comfortable for sleeping and you can even wear them to pump.


I’ve been going with the Bravado Basics line from Target around the clock. (Somehow they’re better than the more expensive versions at Nordstrom?) I appreciate seeing everyone else’s favorites too!


Not sure what a ballet bra is but the Auden nursing sports bras from target are what I lived and slept in! Very affordable so you can buy several pairs. Hope this is helpful! Congrats on your sweet baby Jack!


I can’t stand wearing a bra at night either. What I found worked best was to take a cotton tank top, folded a bunch of times across my breasts to catch any leaks, and then put another comfortable cotton tank top on top of that to hold everything in place.


I’m obsessed with the Kindred Bravely sublime bra for nursing! I’m not a huge fan of sleeping in bras but it’s incredibly comfortable.

Brittany Bockman

I used the Kindred Bravely ‘Sublime’ bra which is both a pumping and nursing bra. It’s soft and no underwire, so I found it comfortable to sleep in as well.


Not technically a nursing bra but this is the only thing I’ve found that’s comfortable enough to sleep in, and it’s really easy to push up and over the breast for easy access (which is better for me at night compared to a clip-down nursing bra that I have to mess with at 3 a.m. haha):


Carly, get yourself a nursing tank top!! I lived in those until I stopped and rarely even wore a nursing bra. I wore the Auden brand from target. It also was nice and felt like it supported my abdomen and just made things a little smoother which helped me feel more put together and even more comfortable.