Fall is my favorite season for new clothes, and generally, my favorite outfits to style and share! As much as I love all of the easy summer dresses and slip-on sandals, there’s much more variety when it comes to styling outfits around this time of the year. It’s a lot easier to wear the same piece multiple ways when you can add layers.

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Dress // Similar Loafers // Similar Crossbody

My trench coat has been one of my favorite staples and go-to pieces of outerwear for over a decade. It has never gone out of style and is also a guaranteed way to make even the simplest of outfits look chic. I LOVE a comfortable outfit that requires very little thought but still looks put together (especially these days!). While a trench coat isn’t the warmest jacket, it’s a good option for fall weather and in-between seasons, particularly when layered over a cozy sweater or tartan dress with tights.

Trench Coat Bow

Going back to basics, a simple outfit I wear at least once a week during the fall is a sweater paired with jeans, flats, and a jacket. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Patagonia Puffer jackets, but they tend to make an outfit lean towards the casual side. So if I want to look a little dressier, I’ll add a trench coat to elevate my outfit.

I’ve had the same J.Crew trench coat since 2017, and it has held up so well. Although this exact style is no longer available, this version is very similar and so is this under $70 coat from ASOS.



Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Dress // Similar Shoes // Similar Bag

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Blouse // Similar Jeans // Similar Heels // Tote (see here for my sizing guide) // Glasses

Trench Coat

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Shirt // Similar Jeans // Similar Shoes // Tote

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Similar Headband

J Crew Trench Coat

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Striped Shirt // Jeans // Similar Shoes // Handbag (c/o)

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Flannel Dress (c/o) // Tights // Similar Flats

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Tippi Sweater // Jeans // Similar Flats // Similar Bag // Similar Scarf

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Sweater // Similar Jeans // Boots (c/o) // Tote

Trench Coat Style

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // White Tee // Similar Scarf // Similar Jeans // Ballet Flats // Tote

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Jeans // Similar Flats // Tote

J. Crew Trench Coat

Original Post: Similar Trench Coat // Similar Tartan Top // Similar Pants // Similar Flats // Envelope Clutch

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I loved this post! Thanks for walking us thru memory lane 🙂 I live in arizona now and I don’t know if it ever becomes trench weather lol.


You look so chic!!! Love the classic style of your outfits, and your dark hair contrasts so prettily with the camel colored coats. Dreamy!


Love these posts. I’m always looking for new ways to wear things in my closet. More of these please!

Denise Groulx

Carly, You influence me in a good way. Over the years, I’ve been playing with different styles. I wasn’t lost, I just loved a lot of different styles. But your “preppy” look which is similar to the French look is so appealing to me, that I am playing with it also. During summer, your long flowy sundresses are a jewel to me. Take care, continue your good work and God Bless You and and Your Family. From Quebec. Hugs and kisses.