Going Downtown

I kind of love how this series of photos turned out. I used to say that dealing with privacy was the hardest part about blogging, but I’ve recently realized that while that part sucks, pragmatically it’s the weather that really is difficult. The seasons don’t line up with the retail cycle (except for a few glorious weeks here and there) and the weather is obviously slightly unpredictable. I always check the weather on Sunday nights to make sure I don’t need to move any shoots around for the upcoming week and I also check the hourly weather the morning off to see if there are any surprises.

Somehow these photos are from over a month ago. Whoops! Well anyway, on this particular day, the forecast called for wind. LOTS OF WIND. I’m talking gusts that sent garbage cans flying down the street. At a few points, I had to stop walking so I could lean into the wind so I wouldn’t lose my balance. Instead of calling off the shoot, I figured it could be fun to shoot in the subway.

Trench Coat

Carly Heitlinger

When I lived in NYC, my time on the subway didn’t exactly look like this. I took the 4/5 from 86th St to Union Square every morning and it was one of the least civilized experiences. Sometimes it’d be fine, but during rush hour for an express train, it was pretty common that there’d be some kind of delay. And it would be like Hunger Games to try to squeeze into a train. Can’t say that I miss that all that much.

(But I do love the subway… just not quite so much during rush hour.)

Carly the Prepster

Sam Edelman Cap Toe Heels

This is very random, but these photos reminded me that I didn’t share this in an On My Radar post. I just learned what the yellow dots are for because the inventor was recently celebrated in a Google Doodle. Seiichi Miyake came up with a system of tactile dots to help guide people with vision impairment. The dots can be felt with the use of a cane, through the person’s feet, and can cue guide dogs.

Black Bow Shirt


Similar Shirt (mine is old from Sezane) // Jeans // Shoes // Similar Trench // Tote

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

March has been a busy month of collaborations for me; I’ve been photographing some local fashion bloggers in my city (Philly)! I totally empathise with you on the difficulty of scheduling shoots due to unpredictable weather. I usually schedule shoots on Saturdays, and I’ll anxiously check the weather all week! Although I could shoot more indoors so that I don’t have to worry about the weather as much, nothing beats shooting in natural light <3 But anyways, your shoot in the subway turned out great! You can't get more NYC than that 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

dana mannarino

OH MY GOSH, I used to HATE the 4/5 from 86th during rush hour. Thankfully, once the Q opened, my life got SIGNIFICANTLY easier!

Also I love how these photos turned out as well!

The Champagne Edit