DIARY No. 66

Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past two weeks:

This was the scene when we came home from Nantucket. Mike’s parents were staying in our house and his brother has been helping me with some organizational stuff so we came home to a full house! I was dreading unpacking, but it actually didn’t take that long at all. I just committed a few of Jack’s naps to getting things organized and out of the bags and into their proper places. Usually I have so much laundry to catch up on, but we came home with clean clothes since we had a washer/dryer in our rental. That was a game changer.

And we came home to FALL!!! Madison looks straight out of a movie– really beautiful with all the great colors of the leaves.

While we were on Nantucket, Jack was just starting to show interest in toys. When we got back, I overnighted this toy bar for his bouncer and (omg) he started reaching for the toys. His little fists have unclenched and he’s been playing with the toys so, so much. A JOY to watch.

I’ve actually been enjoying my 5am wakeup calls. It’s hard when the alarm first goes off… but then it’s great to have the uninterrupted time. The key is to have the coffee ready to go so you just have to flip the switch.

My first Peloton since having Jack! Honestly it was my first Peloton since June!!! My tailbone pain during pregnancy was way too intense to ride… I was counting down the days until I felt recovered enough to ride. I was nervous but it has been amazing. I forgot just how restorative it is for my physical and mental health. I forgot how much I enjoy sweating!

Our friends came over for a sleepover. Maddie hadn’t met Jack yet; it was so special!

And we went to dinner at the Summit House. It was my first time going and it was absolutely delicious. Definitely will be going back. Mike and I randomly met the owners while we were on our babymoon so we’ve been trying to get there and we finally did. Highly recommend.

I’ve been making a lavender vanilla latte almost every afternoon. Honestly I look forward to it as a way to get through the afternoon “wall.”

We’ve discovered the mirror and it’s hilarious. We start our morning and end the day with mirror time and it’s a huge, huge hit with Jack. He belly laughs the entire time.

Back on the Home Chef train now that we’re back. It’s such a lifesaver for us. It’s less about having the ingredients at home and more about not having to think about what’s for dinner if that makes sense. The meals are always delicious and easy to make, too.

Ending with a snuggle. There’s nothing better.

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Omg! I love your post, it was very refreshing to go through your day! I’m going to try that tea!!