I’ve officially lost all sense of time. 😅 The time change this weekend threw off our entire house. We were just getting into a good rhythm at home and bam! Who knew one hour could make such a difference for the baby’s schedule! Or how much one less hour of light at night could throw me off. It’s hitting me harder than ever before and I’m trying to embrace the shorter days, but I will admit it was hard mentally. Especially when I have to shoot photos and videos around a nap schedule, there is such a short window now to get “good enough” light.

Okie enough complaining, here’s what was on my radar. This is a “special edition” with all shopping links. I usually have a mix of things, but I’m getting sucked in by all the gift guides everywhere right now. While I’ve been shopping for other people…. I have to admit my own wishlist is growing by the day. Ha!

Anyway, I thought this post might be helpful to bookmark and come back to when sales really kick up in a couple of weeks.

ONE // Alex Mill Fair Isle Cardigan

I bought this last year and it’s seriously one of the most darling holiday sweaters. (Above is me wearing it last year!) Sadly, it doesn’t fit me the same way it fit me last year as I’m quite a few pounds heavier postpartum, but I think I can still get away with wearing it over a holiday dress! I would recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes or have a longer torso because it’s a little cropped.

TWO // Limited Edition Ombre Bala Bands

love my bala bands. They are so great for barre classes at home or just when you want a touch more weight than body weight. (You can wear them on your wrists or ankles.) These limited edition ombre sets couldn’t get cuter. Would make a great gift for someone who loves to break a sweat and look good while doing it.

THREE // J. Crew Baby

Imagine my surprise when I saw that J. Crew has a small limited edition collection of baby items. I’ve been hoping they’d re-release a baby line. (I definitely tried buying a few of the older collections on Poshmark and eBay even!) I know the cashmere pieces are not the post practical, and they’re definitely on the more expensive side of things as far as baby clothing goes, but I couldn’t resist. It was the little bear ears that got me!

FOUR // Colorblock Dudley Stephens

Let’s talk about the sheer perfection of these colorblocked Dudley Stephens turtlenecks. The green and pink are giving me all the old school preppy vibes. And I’m usually not a pink person, but I’m also super into the pink and cream!

FIVE // Fun Ornaments

Last up, had to share this fun round up of ornaments. Each one is better than the last!! I bought this framed beetle one because it reminded me of some of the framed art in the nursery. (Speaking of which, I’m almost ready to shoot the nursery for the blog… finally!)

PS Will be back to normal linking next week!

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Carly, I love classic children clothing like you, (Yay for the new J.Crew line!) but with multi kids I can’t break the bank! Try Hope and Henry. They have some pretty cute AND affordable items :). Plus I love their story.