DIARY No. 67

I’m a little behind on these diary posts, so let’s catch up! Here are some highlights according to my iPhone’s camera roll over the past few weeks.

So many afternoon walks! I usually like to look up the weather first thing in the morning and figure out what will be the driest and warmest (and brightest) part of the day and then schedule my day around a walk in that window of time. I also love that these short Ugg boots became trendy. I love my pair and can’t recommend them enough!

A couple of weeks ago, Elsa and I met up for a celebratory lunch in Summit. It was freezing so we wanted to go out for a ramen lunch. Right next door is this franchise called Mochinut. We had to try a few. They’re eight little puffs of dough shaped like a doughnut with fun and traditional toppings. The coconut and Nutella flavors were my favorites.

Just including these two picks from a fun afternoon in Morristown. This farm was closed for the season, but the sheep were still out! And super friendly– they must be used to people because they had no fear of us.

Then I took photos of my friend’s daughter for their Christmas card photos. Would you believe me if I said the picture below is without a filter?!?! I couldn’t believe how stunning the lighting was. And the photos turned out so cute if I do say so myself.

Bauble Stockings sent Jack the sweetest little stocking. The story behind the stockings are so cute– the founder’s family created this tradition of mom getting the last gift on Christmas morning with a “clue” to what it was in her stocking. These are all stitched by hand by makers in Haiti, all single moms who are paid fair wages (the equivalent of a nurse or teacher salary) and since they stitch at home, they can support their family without their children having to drop out of school.

If you’re in the northern New Jersey area, you must stop by Back to Nature in Basking Ridge. It’s such a beautiful store and it’s currently decked out in Christmas decor, inside and out.

My mom and I made the pumpkin rolls from this post. They were much harder than I was anticipating (the dough was easy, but the string part was challenging)… and time consuming. Not sure I’d make them again, but it was a fun Thanksgiving day activity.

I linked everything for the tablescape I set up here. I wanted to keep things pretty simple and seasonal– I loved how it turned out ultimately.

Our town had the big Christmas parade and tree lighting the day after Thanksgiving. Last year it was canceled and it felt extra festive this time around. We bundled up and walked down to enjoy the festivities. Jack slept through the bulk of it, but woke up just in time for the big finale!

I picked up this white chocolate peppermint plant-based creamer at Stop n Shop. It’s a subtle, delicious addition to my afternoon coffee! Highly recommend!

I got my booster shot! I had no side effects other than a sore arm. Happy to have it– thank you, science!

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Eileen Monohan

Thank you for broadcasting your booster vac. Such a simple thing to do to protect all.