It was a nice and quiet week at home. We got our Christmas tree all set up and as many decorations as I had the energy for. I must admit that I was being a big ole grinch about it, but had to get it set up early this week for an upcoming campaign. I’m so glad it forced me to do it. We’re not celebrating Christmas here and I was tempted to skip it altogether. But now that everything is up? It’s bringing me so much joy! I love turning on the lights first thing in the morning while it’s still dark outside!

Here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // Things I Bought and Liked Clearing Teacher Lists

You may have heard of Things I Bought and Liked on Instagram. She’s an anonymous Instagrammer who shares tons of great product recommendations. (She’s made a bunch of items go “viral” over the past couple of years.) This week, she started a Giving Tuesday campaign to clear teacher’s Amazon wishlists. Things escalated from there and she’s been poking fun at big companies to get them to clear some lists too. It’s sad that we have to do this, but it has been really heartwarming to see so many brands step up. (I joined the fun too and cleared three lists.) It’s moved on from Instagram to her website… it has gotten a little harder to follow as it’s grown, but totally worth digging in and helping out if you can!

TWO // Chic Pickleball Paddles

Anyone a big fan of pickleball? Mike’s brother got us really into last summer. It was a great “pandemic activity” for us. I took a long hiatus being pregnant, but I’m ready to get back into it. What could be a better motivator than super chic paddles??? These would make for great gifts for friends or family members who like to play, too.

THREE // Just Like That on HBO 

The new Sex and the City series comes out next week (!!!). I got into SATC later in life, but totally fell in love with the show. I’m really looking forward to the series, which is called Just Like That. They just released the full trailer for it and it hit me right in the feels!

FOUR // Candy Cane Sweater for Girls

This is sold out in a lot of sizes– but it’s truly the most darling sweater I think I’ve ever seen. Someone with a little girl needs to scoop it up! I love the subtle scallop detailing, the perfect light blue color, and the embroidered candy canes. Seriously so cute.

FIVE // Is the Tempo Move Worth It?

One of my favorite Youtubers just reviewed this awesome in-home gym thing. She had a bigger version of it before that I knew we didn’t have room for (though the concept was cool). This smaller version looks amazing and I was pretty sold on it. I still don’t know that we have the right space/set up for it in our house, but the temptation is real. Definitely check out her review!

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Ashley Beine

Thanks for the Tempo review – my husband ordered one that should be here in a few weeks and it was so cool to see what it looks like in real life!!


I loved the idea of the Tempo but have had such a bad experience with their customer service, I cancelled my order and I’m just waiting for Peloton’s version to come out next year!