DIARY No. 69

A peek inside my camera roll from the past two weeks:

So many pieces of avocado toast. I go through phases where I make the same thing over and over again. I know it’s basic, but whipping up a quick piece of toast with smashed avocado and a fried egg is such an easy, filling meal.

I took my Cricut out to make a quick bow stencil for our at-home lattes. No particular reason, but felt like a fun thing to do.

As sad as I am to see each baby phase go, the next one seems to be even better. Jack’s personality is coming out SO MUCH and it’s an absolute joy to witness. Can you tell that he’s also teething?! The drool! We’re at two teeth already!! PS Lots of questions about this activity center. He loves it.

Getting back into that Peloton groove. I am keeping my bar low in terms of my goals for the week. I try to get on a few times and I’ve been trying to mix up the type of classes I take too. I definitely feel myself getting back on track in terms of my stamina. Feeling good!

A date night!!! Between newborn life and the pandemic, we have not been able to really spend time just the two of us outside of the house. Mike’s sister came over after Jack went to bed and we headed out to Jockey Hollow for a date night. Felt so good. And the food was amazing. I got the white bolognese and it was the perfect cozy dish for a freezing cold night.

We drove down to Mike’s parents’ house down the shore to spend the weekend with them. It was nice being there with just them and getting some quality, quiet(er) time in. The dogs came too!

This is how most of the weekend looked…. it was freezing out, so we stayed cozy inside in front of the fire with lots of tummy time.

I made this sweatshirt for Jack. I purchased everything this summer but I realized he was finally big enough for the sweatshirt and I know he will probably outgrow it soon. No time like the present. I bought these sweatshirts and these letters. Technically, they’re iron-on, but I don’t think they stick that great, so reinforcing it with my sewing machine was the way to go. A quick afternoon project though.

I got together with Elsa for a little afternoon hang the other day. It’s so nice to have a cute cafe down the street where we can meet. Great food and great ambiance is just a bonus!!

Talbots sent me the sweetest package for Valentine’s Day. They’re always so thoughtful with their gifting. This box included trouser socks, which couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because I had to toss a few old pairs that had become threadbare!

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Yum! The white bolognese looks delish as does the coffee shop spread! Little ones grow up so quickly – my little boy is nearly 11 months… I can’t believe he’ll be one soon! x


I always love that dainty little blue bow cup that you use – can it be purchased anywhere?

Lorraine Barnes

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here I thought I would tell you what I LOVE about this post! It shows how you are casual but you still make things special. I love the bow stencil on your coffee – I love seeing you lay on the floor of your beautiful room with your boy and the dogs – I love that you make time for your husband, parents and your friends – and I LOVE that pink rug!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!