DIARY No. 70

It’s been…. over a month since the last time I did a diary post?! Honestly not too much to catch up on as I’ve been sharing the exciting bits as they come. And life when we’re home is just nice and low key, so not too much to report. But I thought I’d share some fun snaps anyway.

I’ve been in a pretty good Peloton groove. Not 100%, but back in the game at least. Right now my win is getting on the bike and feeling good when I get off. As much as I love Cody’s rides, I’ve been obsessed with Emma Lovewell lately!! I love her music selection and she does a really good job syncing the workouts to each song. I always get off the bike feeling so good.

I got a new desk and it’s been so nice to work there. I needed to have a good set up because I just have been struggling to get my work life in order. It has been good motivation too. It had been a little while before I had sat down at a proper desk… instead, I was bringing my laptop all around the house pretty much anywhere but my desk. Definitely makes a difference!

Mike and I had plans to go to his sister’s house for the Super Bowl with a bunch of people, but someone was sick and everything got canceled. We ended up having a quiet night at home, which was really nice since we had flown back from Florida that morning.  Barbacoa– a local restaurant in Summit– dropped off a whole bunch of food for us, which was so thoughtful! Highly, highly recommend if you haven’t been before. It’s so good!

So I’m kind of over winter, but we found ourselves in this crazy little snow squall while in Connecticut a couple of weeks ago. I am over winter…. but then it was also so beautiful to have the snow? Like if we’re going to be freezing, let’s at least make it beautiful, yea?

Random photo of some “pancakes” (just smashed banana + egg) I was making for Jack one day. We got these Caraway pans in December and they have been a dream to cook with. It’s only been three months, but so far, so good. Nothing sticks at all and they heat up really evenly and well– you don’t need to use as much heat and things really slide right off. (Also makes it super easy to clean!) Oh, and they’re oven safe!

It didn’t take long for Jack to figure out how to make the dogs his best friend once food got involved….. The dogs have always been okay with him, but now I think they’re really on board with the whole baby thing. 😜

A little spread from Sunday Motor! Not a week goes by where I’m not grateful for a neighborhood cafe. It opened not too long after we moved into our house and we love being able to walk there. Makes the transition out to the suburbs a little easier, for sure.

Isn’t this a darling piece of art? Mary Jane Macdonald sent this to Jack and I am obsessed with all the little details. I mean, even Teddy and Hamilton made cameo appearances.

After being overwhelmed with figuring out food for Jack, I tried to do an easy meal prep for him. It was so easy and quick and then I didn’t have to worry about what to feed him. I could just open the fridge and have things ready to go,

I saw this display at Target and, oh, was I tempted. I do nearly everything digitally now, but these sticky notes were just so cute. I almost couldn’t resist. Even if they just sat on my desk to look at 🤣

That afternoon light can only mean one thing… the days are getting longer!!

Jack and I drove into Hoboken for lunch with my sister in law. I’m pretty sure it was Jack’s first time! (Genuinely can’t remember, which is a little alarming. Yikes…) We got burgers at Onieals and cappuccinos from Choc o Pain just like the good ole days!

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Patricia Haddad

I had to laugh of the picture of Jack wondering how to get more food on the floor for his “best friend”. I used to laugh when people would ask if my daughter had a plastic mat to put under her high chair for my grandaughter…..I just laughed. She had a boxer. Who needs a plastic mat! It was the cleanest section of the floor! Love your blog! Keep up the great work and best to you and your family.


I had a lab that LOVED babies and toddlers. I was convinced it was because there was always a cheerio or goldfish nearby. I’m glad Jack and your dog are bonding.