I’m pretty proud of myself for this week as I tackled a few bigger things on my to-do list (like getting some documents together for my accountant and prep work for a trip next week).

Morgan Harper Nichols’ team sent me an extra copy of her new book Peace Is a Practice for my Little Free Library. It’s next on my reading list…

ONE // Little Free Art Gallery

Speaking of little libraries… how amazing is this Little Free Art Gallery? I think about ten people DMed it to me! Such a genius– and sweet– idea. There’s a whole movement around creating these and I hope they become as prevalent as the libraries. The world could use more art appreciation!

TWO // Cap Toe Ballet Flats

I’m always on the hunt for similar versions of my Chanel cap toe ballet flats to link to. This pair from Talbots isn’t a complete match, but it’s definitely a great way to “get the look” without feeling like you’re wearing a dupe. I love the slight heel, the point, and the hardware!

THREE // Target x Starbucks Curbside Pickup 

Target curbside pick up is hands down the best in the game… and it’s about to get better! I am so, so appreciative of the service as a mom. I would use it for sure even if I didn’t have a baby, but being able to run errands without getting a sleeping baby out of the car or whatever, it’s a lifesaver. (I also love how easy and intuitive the app is to use.) Looks like Target is testing the ability to add Starbucks to your pick up order… and, well, it’s genius. I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

FOUR // Zookeeper Brings Baby to Zoo

Wow, a zookeeper on maternity leave brought her newborn to the zoo to meet one of the gorillas. The video is so sweet. Made my whole heart melt!! She has other videos of some of the other gorillas “meeting” the baby too.

FIVE // Book Signing in Charleston!

I’m doing a book signing in Charleston next Thursday March 10!!! It’s from 6-8pm at LAKE (153 King Street). I’ll share more details on my Instagram, but wanted to get this information out as soon as possible to you guys! Excited to meet some of you!!!

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I just got your book today, it is beautiful! I can’t wait to get started on it.