My recent needlepoint camp with Maddie at the Mayflower Inn is still at the top of my mind, and it felt like a good excuse to share a few cute canvases. After having Jack, I took a bit of a hiatus from needlepoint, but I’m glad that I’m getting back into stitching again. Getting in bed with a needlepoint project while catching up on a show has become a little luxury I look forward to throughout the day.

Right now, I’m making up for lost time by working on yet another ambitious stocking project, ha! I couldn’t resist Riley Sheehey’s collab with The Plum Stitchery last year, so I ordered this cute canvas. I especially love the yellow bows scattered throughout the canvas. My goal is to complete the project before the summer finishing deadlines to have it in time for the 2022 Holiday Season. I can’t wait to hang it up next to Jack’s stocking I stitched last year.

Nantucket Sign Canvas // Needlepoint Clear Zip Pouch // Lighthouse Needle Minder // Avocado Toast Canvas // My Favorite Fibers // Round Nantucket Canvas // Stork Scissors // Needles

NDLPT Supply Bag // Apologies For My Delayed Response Canvas // Printed Clear Pouch // Ralphs Coffee Cup Canvas // Flower Needle Minder

Juice Bar Waffle Cone Canvas // Stars Hollow Canvas // Nap Dress Needle Minder // Stretcher Bars // Book Mobile Canvas // Out To Lunch Canvas

I’ve been on an avocado toast kick lately and think this canvas from Etsy is too cute. It would make a fun ornament for my fellow toast fans! This Gilmore Girls inspired canvas is a perfect beginner canvas if you’re looking for a good place to start. And there are lots of cute ways to finish it, like framing it, making a matchbox case, or sewing it as a pillow! Start with my Needlepoint For Beginners post if you’re new to needlepoint!

This Canvas has me dreaming of summer in Nantucket. I thought this out to lunch canvas would look adorable as a doorknob hanger pillow for anyone working in an office. Finally, a cute non-canvas-related find I love is this set of pouches! I find myself reaching for them all the time to organize my purse and Jack’s diaper bag – they are the best. The “NDLPT” set would be perfect as a project bag or for storing supplies.




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Currently working on a Kirk and Bradley brick canvas. I also work on mine in the evenings while watching TV – helps me from mindless snacking! One of my favorite canvases I’ve done is from an etsy shop (OnePartWhimsy) – stitched the Rosebud Hotel sign and I love hanging it on my Christmas tree! So glad you’re doing something that gives you joy – so important to do things like this when you’re a mom!


Shopping for needlework supplies is ALMOST as fun as finally seeing a finished project!
Can you share how you organize and store your stuff, especially your thread?