DIARY No. 74

Another quick round up of photos from my Camera Roll over the past couple of weeks.

So many bubble pictures!!!! I am so happy spring is here so we can sit outside and enjoy our “wake windows” in the fresh air. It makes the days soooo much more enjoyable. And I love having the dogs out there with us too. We’ve been setting up this mat and throwing the bubble maker on and just having a blast!

Every year it surprises me just how much I love spring. It was never a season I was particularly enthusiastic about, but now it’s turning into my favorite… There’s just something so lovely about seeing the flowers bloom everywhere. When I drive around it feels like I’m in a movie set most days the flowers are so abundant!

Wanted to share three different labels I got for Jack’s daycare. Above, I got these cute iron on name plates, and below I got rubber labels for his sippy cups and the waterproof labels for the various pieces too.

I’ve been such a bad partner lately in terms of picking up the slack in the kitchen! Mike usually does our cooking and, honestly, when it comes to my turn I have been ordering takeout 🙈 Such a bad habit, but at the end of the day it’s the last thing I want to do. One sheet meals have been a godsend. I don’t even use recipes, just throw salmon onto the pan with some broccoli, olive oil, seasoning and roast until done. I’ll make some rice, too. Easiest clean up ever, too.

I’m partnering with Showtime on some Instagram content and got a chance to stay in a suite they took over at the Ritz Carlton. It was such a cool experience!! You can see more on my IG.

This was from our trip into the city. Such a nice getaway– even if it was work related! It felt like a mini vacation!

How gorgeous is this silhouette Vana Chupp sent me of Jack… absolute perfection. I will cherish it forever.

On Jack’s second day of daycare, I swung by Sunday Motor for a cup of coffee to help ease into the day… Felt like such a treat.

Not exactly Pinterest worthy, but I organized our pantry. Trust me when I say it was HORRIBLE before. It was so, so needed and I finally rolled up my sleeves and did it over the course of two of Jack’s naps. Such a relief!

I went and saw Everything Everywhere All at Once in theaters and cannot recommend it enough. It was absolutely mind blowing. I had at least four existential crises while watching it… I don’t want to give too much away– I went into it blind and recommend you do the same. It may be the best movie that I’ve ever seen.

I think I’m going to embrace my curls more?!?! Well, we’ll see. Not making any promises, but I’m craving a little more simplicity in my life…..

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Love the curly hair! Is there a particular product you’re using? Always on the lookout for myself.


Okay my curly hair has changed… can you do a curly hair routine? After having my kids my hair changed and it’s still curly lol but what I did before magically doesn’t seem to work. ❤️

But do you feel it doesn’t looked as polished as straight hair??? I have never straightened my hair but I will admit when I see all the straight haired ladies at more formal events I always have a tiny bit of jealousy pop up! 😂


I love your curls though always stunning! And I can absolutely relate re: simplicity.


I have curly hair too but it takes hours to air dry and I’m guessing yours is similar. Any tips on how to air dry without a big disruption in your routine would be great. I know some people can sleep on it wet but I end up with a rats nest when I try that.


Carly! We have very similar hair. If you want your curls to look their best, use Oribé’s Moisture and Control line. It is sublime. Specifically: the shampoo, conditioner, curl silkening cream, & curl gloss. You’ll be shocked how amazing your hair will look. I also use the supersonic with the diffuser attachment and hover over (but not touch) my curls after I scrunch in the product. And I’ll sometimes dry my roots with the smoothing nosel. Good luck!♥️


This is the most beautiful hair I have ever seen on you! You always look gorgeous but your curls are just so special and unique! I get where you‘re coming from though. I have curls myself and spend so much time blow drying and straightening my hair as well 🙂


Thank you SO MUCH for linking to the clothing, sippy cup, and waterproof labels. Our kids’ preschool just told us we need to start labeling everything, and I ordered all of these with rush shipping.

Appreciate you sharing your finds!