DIARY No. 78

The last two weeks according to my camera roll:

I got to meet my friend Kim! I have followed her blogs for years– since Kate (who is now 16!!!) was a toddler. They were in town for a dance intensive Kate was attending and we finally (finally!) got to meet in person. So grateful for my internet friendship with Kim… it didn’t feel like the first time meeting!

Not the most thrilling picture, but I’ve been trying to pick one spot to organize every day. Last week my underwear and sock drawer got the special treatment. Felt so good. I went through every single thing, tossed socks with holes. Got rid of bras that are uncomfortable. And replaced a bunch of my underwear with new ones.

We have been spending sooooo much time at Noe Pond. Jack is obsessed and we have our routine down perfectly now. Jack loves to watch the big kids swim and he’s kind of obsessed with the lifeguards.

How gorgeous is this? It’s like a secret garden tucked away– I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It’s called Cross Estate Gardens if you’re local and want to enjoy some pretty flowers!

A friend at gymnastics recommended a water table…. I cannot believe I didn’t get one sooner. Jack LOVES it and it entertains him for a while, like, at least 40 minutes which is a very long time for an 11 month old!!

This is a delivery meal from Wonder. I talked about it in yesterday’s blog post, but I wanted to show you a picture of one of our orders. The potatoes were unreal!!! 10/10 recommend.

I was influenced by a couple of my Instagram friends to get this Alice Walk t-shirt. It’s so soft and comfortable. Honestly feels closer to pajamas, it’s that soft. This is my first, and certainly won’t be my last.

My friend Sam and her daughter drove to Madison to hang out with Jack and me! The babies had so much fun playing together and splashing in the pond… and then we got to nap time (hence the faces). Jack must have had a blast though because he napped for over two hours that afternoon!!

Did I find the perfect red?!? It’s “CV” from Olive and June– named after Clare Vivier, founder of Clare V.  Can’t recommend it enough!!

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Oh my goodness, Carly!
I somehow found
Kim through a random
China adoption blog while going through an adoption. Now we have two daughters from China. I’ve been sad I haven’t kept up with 3 Peanuts blog. It seems like it stopped in 2020. Anyways, Kim was an inspiration to me on our adoption journey. I actually found your blog through her blog. So neat you got to meet each other!
I don’t have a blog, but would love to somehow connect. I’m far away from you guys….Alabama! I’m on instagram.
Leanne Crawford


How would you compare the Alice Walk shirt to the AYR French fry shirt? I have two of the French fry shirts- was expecting them to feel more like Lake pajamas but was a little disappointed!