ON MY RADAR 7.22.22

I think I’m going to do my best to take most of next week off. I’ll likely be on Instagram (and maybe TikTok) still… but I’m hoping to have blog posts queued up so I can keep my laptop tucked away. We’re heading to Mike’s family’s lake house. (It’s so crazy but my grandpa grew up on the same lake and my mom grew up in the next town over 🤯). Mike and I had to skip last year’s trip because it was too close to my due date, so we are extra excited to introduce Jack to Mike’s favorite place in the world!!

My outfit!

ONE // Stories By Heartbeat

Georgia Clark and Hannah Orenstein have launched a new weekly newsletter! The newsletter, which goes out every Friday morning contains a piece of romantic short fiction from various writers you know and love. (Hannah’s books are always some of my favorite rom coms to read!!) Thought this was such a great idea and had to share with you guys.

TWO // Blue Smocked Dress

Needed to let you know about this adorable blue smocked dress that is on major sale right now. Looks like the perfect shade of blue and has such a darling, perfect-for-summer silhouette.

THREE // Wonder Trucks

If you’re local to the Northern New Jersey area, you have to try Wonder! It’s like ghost kitchens meets Door Dash. You pick out which restaurant (aka truck) you want to come to your house, select your meal, and the truck comes to your house to prepare the meal and deliver it straight to your door. I was skeptical, to be honest, when we first started seeing the trucks pop up around our neighborhood. But we tried it and, wow, we have to admit that the food is so much better than regular delivery. The pricing is a bit more in line with a “night out,” but since they come to your house, you don’t have to pay for a sitter or Uber or anything. It’s a great option to have. And the food is really excellent.

FOUR // J. Crew x Recess

Did you see J. Crew’s new collab with Recess for the cutest pickleball paddles. It looks like most of the patterns sold out, sadly, but hoping they bring it back because it was truly brilliant. I actually got my sister a Recess paddle last year for Christmas and it was a huge hit. Our pond club has a pickleball clinic every week, and I’ve been trying to go and haven’t been able to make it work with childcare/work/travel yet!

FIVE // “American Girl Changed My Life” Podcast

American Girl just launched a series of podcasts, including American Girl Fan Club. I was so, so honored that they asked me to be a guest on one of the first few episodes. It just launched and, um, if you can’t tell from my interview I feel very passionate about American Girl 🤣 I could have talked for hours. Definitely worth giving it a subscribe– I personally can’t wait for more episodes!!

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Long time reader, first time commenting. Had to subscribe to the AG podcast because that is a slice of my childhood!! I am almost 40 (gulp!!) and had the original Kirsten when it was still the Pleasant Company. Read allll the books, and even had some of the kid version/replicate doll dresses. My brothers love to tease me about those still. 🙂
My grandparents are long time North Jersey stock, so I love reading about your adventures in the area.
Enjoy your lake trip!

Tiffany McKenzie

Haha same! I’m 35 and I had the original Felicity. Read all the books and had all the dresses, etc. Funny enough, I’m Canadian but that led me to pursue my college degree in American colonial history.