DIARY No. 79

Here are some highlights from the past two weeks…. according to my camera roll!

I went crazy with photos and videos this trip. It felt so special to bring Jack to Mike’s favorite place!! We were both hopeful that he would like it…. and he loved it! The water is freezing and there aren’t a ton of baby friendly spaces on the property, so I was a little anxious about the whole trip. But I had nothing to worry about. Jack didn’t bat an eye at the water temperature and he was totally fine hanging out on the porch.

But… also need to keep it real here. The days were awesome! The nights were rough. I am not really sure what was going on, but it was just a rough week of sleep for us 🤪 I think the above picture pretty much sums it up.

I did a good job stepping away from work. I used Jack’s morning nap to read every day and then I’d nap during his afternoon nap (tried to catch up on the lack of sleep from the night before).

Had such a great time on the boat too. Again, I was nervous… but again, had nothing to worry about! Jack was a big fan and it ended up being a highlight of the trip for the whole fam.

Is it weird that I’m a little jealous of Jack that he gets to grow up close with his cousins?! The girls are obsessed with him and he’s obsessed with them. Can’t wait to see them grow up together.

Mike is one of five and there’s always a lot going on. A couple of years ago, we started dividing up meals by households. It’s so nice. Each household is in charge of a dinner start to finish, including clean up. It makes meals so much easier and relaxing. Everyone is assigned a day and they can do whatever they want. Takeout, frozen pizza, five course dinner. It has relieved a lot of kitchen angst and is an easy way to set expectations! Mike’s sister Taylor and his mom did a full Greek-inspired meal… my favorite of the week. It was beautiful and crazy delicious.

Mike and I did a lobster bake for our night. It ended up being so fun and felt like a true summer night by the water.

My little guy! We’ve been spending just so much time at the pond and it’s the best. I’m going to miss it so much when summer comes to an end. It’s just an easy way to entertain Jack– so much to see, lots of safe space to crawl around, all the little friends to meet and make!

New Jersey peaches are so good. This last round I got were unreal. Slicing into them was like something straight out of a commercial. Fragrant, juicy, perfectly sweet.

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Great pics! If the sleepless nights persist, he might be ready to go down to one nap? Either way, glad you had a fun trip!


Luckily it was just the vacation 🙏🏻 No air conditioning maybe? He is sleeping through the night at home now!

Gabriela LeMay

These bibs are SO cute! I remember the post you did with Meesh’s fall photos and while I too will miss the fun summer activities, I think you and little Jack will have the best time with all the autumnal activities!